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Partners! Did you know that in 2016, McKinsey & Company predicted that the global economy of AI would grow between $7.1 trillion to $13.1 trillion by 2025? This post explains how your business can benefit from this technology by helping your customers leverage their data with Artificial Intelligence.

So much data

Your customers have a data problem and don’t know about it. They hold a lot of data but struggle in properly managing, analyzing or actioning that valuable resource. That spells opportunity for you. IBM reports that globally, people generate over 2.5 quintillion bytes a day. And make no mistake, a lot of that data has value. The problem, of course, is capturing and making sense of it all.


A huge market

How great is the demand for better analysis? Anyone close to sectors like finance or packaged goods can tell you that businesses invest heavily in data projects. According to “The State of Data 2017” published by Winterberry Group, American businesses spend a whopping US $20 billion annually on data management.

Data scientists seem to suffer the most. By one estimate, data scientists spend 80 percent of their time finding, cleaning, and reorganizing huge amounts of data. That only leaves 20 percent for actual analysis!


You have the technology

That all changes now, thanks to the arrival of new technologies and services. Companies can digitally transform their organization and take charge of their data estate. They can use solutions connected by the Internet, powered by the cloud, enabled through devices with sensors, and leveraging transformative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve impressive results.


Artificial intelligence, defined

With all the hype, it’s easy to assume that AI is just another buzzword. In fact, as Erick Brethenoux, Sr. Director Analyst at Gartner points out, AI is an engineering discipline.

“It is made of software tools aimed at solving problems, not replicating the human brain (let alone the mind). From that perspective, the AI discipline (and toolbox) comprises a series of mathematical or logic-based techniques, uncovering, capturing, coding knowledge, and leveraging sophisticated and clever mechanisms to solve problems.”


Solving real problems

And, those “mechanisms” are very clever! Every day, more Canadian partners leverage massive amounts of data with AI solutions to achieve big results. Some examples I have been able to pull from our burgeoning Canadian AI Partner ecosystem:

  • Zoom.ai uses AI to enrich their employee work experience and to increase productivity. Zoom.ai operates like a virtual helper, chatting with each employee in-order to off-load mundane tasks, like document generation and information discovery. Full story and Unplugged Q&A here
  • Quartic.ai uses AI to give industrial manufacturers unprecedented insights into their current operations. It allows manufacturers to capture and aggregate “stranded data” from infrastructure, processes, and other assets, then crunch that data to help augment their operations. Full story here
  • Rubikloud uses AI and machine learning to change the way retailers look at mass promotional planning to maximize customer lifetime value. For retailers facing historic challenges, Rubikloud’s ability to predict customer intention and behaviour translates into a potential gamechanger. Full story here.
  • Farmer’s Edge is a global leader in “decision agriculture.” They use AI/ML running on Azure to create a new type of grower—one driven years’ worth of aggregated field-centric data, not best guesses and instincts. Read full story here.
  •  T4G delivered a 200% increase in profitability to the wind energy division of a major energy company using Cortana Intelligence Suite. Through predictive modeling, estimate demand, and preventative maintenance measures, their solution also helped dramatically increase the accuracy of forecasting. Read full story.
  • BDO IT Solutions provided ON211 (a helpline and database of social services in Ontario) with a cost-effective, web-enabled solution leveraging the advanced features of Azure Search and Azure SQL. They helped the agency deliver its essential services affordably and efficiently. Full story and Unplugged Q&A here.
  • Nudge.ai applies AI to better understand b2b relationships so business leaders can prevent high value deals in pipeline from slipping. This AI-powered relationship intelligence solution helps businesses access new accounts, measure account health, analyze deal risk, and more. Full story and Unplugged Q&A here.
  • Lixar IT won a Microsoft IMPACT award for IoT innovation for Delphi Connect—an OBD-II IoT device—and has the distinction of being the first connected car product. Using Azure and Azure Service Fabric, it gives owners crucial, real-time details about their car.


Build your Artificial Intelligence practice

As a Microsoft partner, you’re in the perfect position to join the ranks of your peers innovating with real-world AI technologies. You can change the conversation that you have with your customers. Talk to them about their data and what they can do with it now that AI and other key technologies have arrived.

Watch this in-depth webinar on data governance concepts and various Microsoft data tools and services to help customers on their journey.

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