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Partners! StatsCan conducted its first, national cybersecurity survey of Canadian businesses in 2017. The Canadian Survey of Cyber Security and Cybercrime measured the impact of cybercrime on Canadian businesses. In this post, we review some of their findings and unpack your partner security/compliance opportunity.

StatsCan reports that 21 percent of Canadian businesses were impacted by a cyber security incident in 2017 alone. That’s one-fifth of all businesses.


Cybercrime in Canada

We face a very serious threat. Over one-fifth of all Canadian businesses reported a cybersecurity incident in 2017. Criminals targeted organizations of all shapes and sizes. When asked to explain what happened, 65 percent of those businesses believe they came under attack by an external party. And 38 percent of those businesses also reported the motive as an attempt to steal money or demand ransom.

The high cost of crime

Cyberattacks cause significant loses. More than half of the Canadian businesses attacked reported that their employees were prevented from carrying out day-to-day work. On average, the total downtime was 23 hours and included devices, desktops, and networks. Close to a third (30 percent) faced recovery costs, 10 percent lost revenue, and 4 percent of the businesses paid ransom!

Microsoft partners have a responsibility to help their customers defend themselves from cyberthreats by demonstrating and deploying modern security best practices.


Huge demand

Canadian businesses are aware of the threat and invest a significant amount to protect themselves. StatsCan reports that Canadian businesses spend $8 billion on cybersecurity people, consultants, and contractors plus another $4 billion on security software and hardware. Throw in another $2 billion for prevention and recovery efforts and you’ve got a reported market opportunity of $14 billion annually.

Big opportunity

In the blog  post, “How to Grow Your Security and Compliance Practice,” Erin Smirle, Sr. Partner Marketing Advisor, said it perfectly. She explains how partners like you can help their customers understand and advance a modern security strategy that leverages Microsoft’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and tools. And, how, in the process, you can become an invaluable advisor, helping protect your customers’ interests from ever-evolving threats.

Get started!

Take advantage of these great resources to help you build a security practice and meet the growing demand for security solutions.

Security Practice Development Playbook – Download a comprehensive guide for new and existing partners focused on how to accelerate and optimize a practice.

Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance – The Security and Compliance webpage, exclusively for partners, provides a great overview that explains how this solution helps modern businesses.

Canadian Partner Hub – For local content such as partner stories, training, news, events, visit the Canadian Partner Hub regularly.

Partner Training Series: Security – Join the upcoming events to learn how to protect data and block attacks with built-in security and compliance.


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