Today we stand in the midst of a technological revolution. The transformation brought by this revolution is unprecedented and it’s impact reaches across almost every known industry. What remains unknown is the speed of acceleration and innovation that this will continue to bring.

Disruption can be seen from the introduction of technologies that create new ways to respond to customers needs, to improving the quality and speed of products delivered to the mass market. Ultimately the disruption has been the forcing function for companies to adapt the way they think, deliver and approach the market as a whole across products and services alike.

On the whole there are four core tenants to the revolution or disruption as we know it: How we engage customers, how we transform products, how we optimize business operations, and how we empower employees.

Engaging Customers:

Customers have always been at the center of any business decision. Smart platforms and data are transforming the customer and sales experience enabling companies to optimize the personalized experience and increase customer acquisition.

Transforming Products:

Technological innovation is centered around creating new revenue opportunities using intelligent technology to enhance products and processes.

Optimizing Operations:

Now more than ever, technology is at the center of driving efficiencies and optimizing operations that accelerate responsiveness and allow companies to stay ahead.

Empowering Employees:

Enhancing collaboration and innovation across the organization has become foundational in boosting productivity and improving employee experience to enable stronger performance driven results.


Helping partners through this transformation has been a priority for us for a few years now. Judson Althoff, our Executive Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Business stated – “Devices, intelligence, the cloud, the rich cloud services that we bring to market together…these combine to drive digital transformation. It’s a new world of opportunity for all of us.” And together, we’re in a great position to go after this opportunity”.

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Ultimately the digital revolution is forcing organizations to re-examine the way they operate. And the bottom line is that as a business leader within any organization you need to understand and stay ahead of the changing landscape and ensure that you’re continuously innovating to stay relevant, profitable and simply keeping up.


In Satya Nadella’s words – “We’ll capture this by coming together to address customer needs through four digital transformation outcomes: modern workplace; business applications; data and AI; and infrastructure and apps.”

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