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Dear partners––do you develop custom applications for your customers? As many of you know, the Canadian business sector’s embrace of secured cloud services presents unique opportunities that you shouldn’t ignore––to help your customers customize digital solutions to not only meet their business goals, but also create the next generation of apps, with intelligence.


High costs of legacy applications

Arguably, the application development landscape resembles at times the wild west––full of promise, excitement, and confusion. Your customers, big and small, struggle separating technology trends from lasting innovations and making sound digital investment decisions. Stuck in their stasis, your customers suffer with the high costs and increasing headaches of managing outdated legacy technology.


Customers want to free up human and financial resources burdened with keeping the lights on. They want to shift from their “maintenance mode” to modern innovation.


Seize the opp!

Migrating customers to the Microsoft Trusted Cloud is the first step; the gold rush opportunity, so to speak, is hidden in application modernization. By leveraging cloud-native technologies, like container services, and the elasticity of cloud services, customers can reduce their total cost of ownership, make the most of the public cloud, and vastly improve both their scalability and cyber security. For these integral reasons, your customers will welcome this conversation.


Fortune favours the bold: Ask your customers about the true costs of their current deployment, including lost productivity, time wasted, and added stress.


Modernize today, innovate tomorrow

Of course, modern apps make life a lot easier for employees. Your customers can vastly improve their user experience, by ensuring apps work consistently across channels and devices. And, in the process, they benefit from upgrading outdated security systems, which eliminate serious risks to their business.


Don’t skip steps. Modernize your customer’s key apps first to ensure they have the necessary cloud infrastructure and services to innovate later.


What about compliance?

In this era of increasing regulatory demands, can your customers move their apps to the cloud—and still stay compliant? The answer is yes, with your expertise guiding them. Microsoft partners like you deploy private and hybrid cloud solutions every day. They leverage the hyperscale capabilities and cost efficiencies of Microsoft’s global network of datacentres.
Compliance concerns can keep enterprises from embracing cloud services. Make sure you research and identify your customers’ unique regulatory environment before proposing to modernize their apps.


Taking application development to the next level

So far, we’ve only talked about app modernization—but what about innovation? When a customer collaborates with you to drive new app features and services that meet their needs and wants, you’ve arrived. Helping them to architect the next generation of custom apps moves the proverbial business needle from the whiteboard to meaningful investment in digital transformation.


Customers crave innovation. They need help and direction to execute their vision. Help them to circle the wagons around their needs before solutioning.
Developers and other technical professionals have an opportunity to steal some thunder from data scientists and computer engineers. Your access to and knowledge of Azure provides you with a competitive edge–– and the cloud toolkit of transformative technologies to make it all happen. Plus, you have the support of Microsoft, a business partner prepared to train and certify your teams.
Azure is your gateway to transformative technologies: artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, smart sensors, edge computing, and intelligent platform design, holographic projection, and biometric-based security.


Get inspired!

Watch the free video-on demand for more on app dev. “Intelligent Experiences: Building the next generation of applications for your customers” featuring Sebastien Le Calvez, Neil Smith, and Dan Meinecktakes on app modernization and innovation in detail. No registration required. Link here.


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