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Partners! Your customers need help finding time in an era of constant busy-ness in business. And you need new business models in an era of evolution from hardware and software licensing sales to Cloud pay-per-user-per-month sales. Solve both problems at the same time. Consider specializing in modern teamwork and collaboration, a Microsoft practice that delivers a new world of work to your customers. In this post, we explain how specializing drives transformation at your customers, creates new revenue models, and help you stand out from the crowd.


“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” – Michael Jordan, professional basketball player


Teamwork matters

If the wide world of sports teaches us anything, it’s the value of communication and collaboration. Superstars are wonderful to have, but superstars alone don’t consistently win championships. On the field or in the boardroom, a passionate team of committed professionals can achieve greatness. But they need strong leadership, unity of purpose, and the right technology to connect to each other.


Forrester reports that businesses invested US $28 billion in collaboration technologies in 2017 and that 82 percent of global software decision-makers view these tools as essential.


Time Poverty is a growing trend

Multiple apps to check for messages. Meeting after meeting with no time to work on actions. Living in email all day long. Canadian employees, not just office workers, live in a culture of “busy”. We have more technology and access than ever, yet we are time starved at a greater scale than ever before. In the past decade, the meteoric proliferation of smartphones, cloud services, SaaS applications, social networks, and Millennials in the workforce have changed everything. By consolidating conversations, meetings, file sharing, co-authoring, and applications into one hub for teamwork, Microsoft’s platform is how you can give your customers’ people time back.  A recent Forrester study found that Information workers save 4 hours per week from improved collaboration and information sharing. Now that’s priceless!


StatsCan reports that Millennials are now the biggest generation in the Canadian workforce. They represent your future employees & customers.


You may be working with your grandchild’s generation

In 10 short months, Millennials (Gen Y) will account for over 50 percent of workers – a lot of whom will be making technology buying decisions. Millennials seek more open and collaborative workspaces, a greater sense of purpose, and a deeper connection to their company’s mission. Meanwhile we still have Boomers (Gen X) and the next generation (Gen Z) in the workplace. In today’s landscape, everyone wants the option to work remotely, anywhere, at any time. To keep up, your customers need you to give them the digital workspaces to communicate, access their data, and stay productive, no matter their company size. This is your opportunity!


Humans for creative work, robots for repetitive work 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has crept into every piece of work and life. Whether you are asking Alexa for your schedule or using Cortana to book your meeting – AI is fundamentally infused in every part of the modern worker’s day. So one opportunity is to make sure your customers keep up with the trends, so you can help them bring AI as part of their Team. But the greater opportunity is for the free time that AI gives back to humans, for us to focus on more creative challenges that AI cannot do. This shift in the way we work is changing employer expectations. Business leaders want to foster more creativity and critical thinking, not paper-pushing or process-for-the-sake-of-process. And they are investing in new technology to help them harness the ingenuity of their people, reliably and securely. And to measure these productivity benefits. By specializing in modern teamwork and collaboration – you become the expert on how to create teams of people and machines that work in harmony for greater results.


Speaking of security

All this technology creates security risks as well. On the one hand, businesses need an open flow of information to drive productivity and teamwork. On the other hand, it is more critical than ever to protect your data estate. Threats today use advanced social engineering and target everyone in an organization, not just executives. So, can your customers have their cake and eat it, too? Yes, of course, with Microsoft 365.
Microsoft 365-  A complete, intelligent solution, including Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, that empowers everyone to be creative and work together, securely.

Image of Microsoft 365 value propositionMicrosoft 365 to the rescue

Microsoft Teams, a service that’s part of, Microsoft 365 unlocks creativity by empowering people to express their ideas more effectively, inspiring innovation and creativity. Backed by tools that apply artificial intelligence and machine learning, Microsoft 365 offers a broad and deep set of apps and services, with a universal toolkit for teamwork that can give your customers flexibility and choice in how they connect, share, and communicate.


Starring Microsoft Teams

As the teamwork hub, Microsoft Teams enriches the Microsoft 365 platform story, delivering even more value to help you capture new customers and re-engage current relationships. You can take your conversation beyond Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams for collaboration to include the added benefits of your related apps and services.


Build your Teamwork practice

Microsoft has improved partner resources designed to help you capitalize on the huge demand for technology to empower employees to do their best work: