Kerri Connolly Director Partner Development, One Commercial Partner Group
Mar 11,2021

The power of Partner-to-Partner relationships

The Microsoft Partner Network

If you design and build technology solutions, engaging in the Microsoft Partner Network can unlock new avenues to market. The Canadian Microsoft Partner network of 12,000 partners (plus, thousands more worldwide) offers a dynamic ecosystem of technical specialists and experts with diverse business models.

Partners in the network represent startups, traditional IT firms, and global SaaS companies. These developers, analysts, architects, resellers, system integrators, managed service providers, and value creation partners routinely connect and collaborate via the network.

Partner-to-Partner Success – Powered by Microsoft

For instance, in recent news, Microsoft network partners ThoughtWire and PointClickCare announced a collaboration to transform patient data challenges in Ontario’s long-term care.

PointClickCare is a major provider of long-term care electronic medical records in Ontario. ThoughtWire develops smart hospital/building solutions that unlock the value of data generated from environments by combining it with context from people, processes, and IoT devices.

Together, these innovators developed and delivered a unique solution that overcomes patient data challenges experienced in Ontario’s long-term care facilities by simplifying and streamlining the way clinicians access patient data using Azure. The LTC eConnect solution delivers meaningful new benefits at a time when it matters the most to our healthcare system. These benefits include:

The PointClickCare and ThoughtWire partnership is just one example of a successful partner-to-partner relationship. The Canadian Microsoft partner network boasts diverse industry specialists, from healthcare and manufacturing, to government, education, and beyond.

Leveraging the Microsoft Partner Network

As an independent software vendor (ISV), joining the Microsoft Partner Network lets you mine the network for high-value relationships and groups whose knowledge and skills complement yours and, potentially, accelerate your own business journey.

Partner-to-Partner scenarios

  1. Startups: Learn from other Microsoft partners who have leveraged their Microsoft partnership to build credibility with investors. Find channel partners to help you reach new markets.
  2. Security and compliance: Security and compliance are areas of unprecedented customer demand and increasing technical complexity. Bring a certified security specialist to the table to ensure your app development roadmap integrates security and privacy best practices before you go to market.
  3. AI: Every solution builder should consider use cases for AI/machine learning in their vision. Collaborating with a partner specialized in AI can help inform your product strategy and spark new investment and customer interest.
  4. Global expansion: Find partners to help you market your app in regions like the United States, Latin America, UK, EU, and Asia. Leverage partners for local business customs, unique regulatory requirements, and contacts. A local Microsoft partner can help you fill in the blanks, expanding your reach and growing their business in the process.

Looking to reach an international market? The Microsoft global growth center explains how to grow your business globally.

Join the network with the Canada ISV Get Started Guide

Learn how to become a partner and activate Microsoft Action Pack to get access to product licenses and tech support, signature cloud support, and technical presales and deployment services. Gain business visibility with a Microsoft partner directory listing and co-branding opportunities. Leverage self-serve digital marketing resources including training, social media outreach, analysis, research, and more.

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Microsoft partner communities

The Microsoft Partner Community enables sharing among partners—whether newly minted or well established. You can search over 40 unique communities by geography, specialty, or other common topics of interest. Users find potential partners, insights, and inspiration for the future. Follow trending topics, join the conversation about building quicker solutions, or find a partner event. Remember: you are not alone.

Fortune favors the bold

You have faith in your business. Now unleash its potential using the Microsoft Partner Network. No matter your business or industry, find a suitable partner relationship to offer you the expertise and support you need to take a leap into the future.