Feb 05,2021

Announcing the Canada Impact Awards for 2021

This is one of my favourite times of the year when we get to recognize the innovative technology solutions that partners have created to address their customer’s business challenges, recognize our partner’s hard work of helping customers digitally transform, driving remote solutions, migrating customers to the cloud, skilling their employees, and getting creative with their digital marketing.

As Microsoft announces the award categories for the upcoming Canada Impact Awards, we are excited to showcase the winners from last year in this Impact Awards Yearbook for 2020. We hope that you can find some inspiration from these award-winning stories, as you are preparing to submit your nominations for this year’s Impact Awards.

Award submission details can be found on the Impact Award Website, outlining the rules, award categories and provide a link to the submission tool.

Last year we launched metric-based awards, in addition to the traditional partner self-nominated awards. These metric-based awards did not require partners to submit a nomination. Microsoft Canada created a process to determine winners based on select criteria, as highlighted in each award description. These awards allowed us to not only recognize more partners for all their efforts over the past year, but also highlight additional Microsoft priorities.

The metric-based awards were well received by our partners, and given the importance of these award categories, we have decided to continue with these again this year.  Below you can find the list of metric-based awards for 2021. To acknowledge winners of their accomplishment for these award categories, winning partners will be sent an Impact Award trophy.   

Enterprise IMPACT Sales Award

An Enterprise Partner is a Microsoft partner who has sold into one or more customers that are on the Microsoft Canada identified list, driving transformation in the customer. We’d like to recognize partners who excel in selling into the enterprise space, and who have strong Microsoft Azure and Teams growth due to their net new customer adds.

Regional Cloud Solution Provider IMPACT Award

We’d like to recognize a Regional Services Partner who is a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Direct Reseller or CSP Indirect Reseller focused on Small, Medium, and Corporate customer segments in a specific region of Canada (ie: East, Central, West) driving impactful CSP growth. This year we would like to break this award into three categories, to capture those partners who are driving impact in one cloud.

Region Cloud Solution Provider Impact Award – Azure

Region Cloud Solution Provider Impact Award – Modern Work

Region Cloud Solution Provider Impact Award – Business Applications

National Large Solution Provider IMPACT Award

National Large Solution Providers who are Microsoft partners achieving impactful growth in areas such as Cloud Solution Provider, Azure consumed revenue, and Teams active usage. They have a direct relationship with Small, Medium, and Corporate size customers, and currently scale their business across Canada.

Indirect Cloud Solution Provider IMPACT Award

This award recognizes our indirect providers focused on doing business through their own channel to Small, Medium, and Corporate customers achieving growth in areas such as Cloud Solution Provider, Azure consumed revenue, and Office 365 seat adds.

Data Platform Modernization IMPACT Award

The Data Platform Modernization IMPACT Award recognizes a partner who is helping customers to migrate and/or deploy their data platform solutions to Azure at scale. We are looking at those who are driving net new Azure business of PaaS services and new customer adds. Data Platform Modernization workloads include Azure SQL DB, Azure SQL Managed Instance, Azure SQL VMs, and CosmosDB.

Top ISV IMPACT Sales Award

This award recognizes an Independent Software Vendor with accelerated Azure cloud growth, co-sell impact with Microsoft in the market, advanced platform adoption (advanced services including at least one of AI, data, Kubernetes, Microsoft Teams, or Dynamics), and end customer impact.

Modern Marketing IMPACT Award

The Modern Marketing award recognizes a partner who is advanced at executing and ROI tracking Microsoft marketing activities, leveraging the breadth of available marketing investments and programs to advance the customer journey. They are leaders in developing campaigns and delivering thought leadership. They will also excel at using digital marketing, demonstrating lead-generation and target attainment, leading to overall business growth and revenue impact.

Tech Intensity IMPACT Award

Equipping the workforce with the skills they need to drive innovation, knowledge, and empowerment, as well as positioning our partners for growth, is a key focus for Microsoft. We would like to recognize a partner who has demonstrated a commitment to building a culture of continuous technical learning, investing in their talent by attending training events, and driving new Microsoft certifications (both fundaments and role-based) and a positive outcome for innovation and growth.

Co-sell IMPACT Award

The Co-sell Impact Award recognizes a co-sell ready partner who is actively engaged through the Co-sell Program and is driving revenue growth with net new customers through inbound and outbound lead referral management in Partner Center.

I hope that you will participate in this year’s Impact Awards and I look forward to the announcement of our finalists and winners in the coming months.


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