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Recognizing our Solutions Partners for Security

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It’s official! The Microsoft Cloud Partner Program has launched, and with these changes, we now offer our partners new and more flexible ways to be recognized as a trusted partner within the Microsoft community.

Microsoft’s security partners have been a vibrant and fast-growing community, helping protect customers every day. It’s of no surprise to see that within the first month, over 250 partners have already achieved their Solutions Partner for Security designation qualification! We are humbled by our partner community’s support and look forward to working with every partner interested in reaching this new elite status to differentiate their business.

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I’d like to also acknowledge the hundreds of partners working to further differentiate their organization’s technical expertise by earning specializations in:

  • Cloud Security
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Information Protection and Governance
  • Threat Protection

Security specializations are a valuable way for a partner to demonstrate their ability to deliver project-based services related to specific technical scenarios and verify extensive experience and proven success in implementing Microsoft services or solutions.

Performance. Skilling. Customer Success.

The original Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) gave us all a strong foundation, and the recent changes we have made are based on direct feedback from partners asking for an easy way to communicate and deliver the value you bring to customers.

The new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program provides partners a new level of flexibility on how to best focus their business and reach partner status. Partners can choose to emphasize different areas of their business, spanning everything from a commitment to hiring and training certified technical specialists to demonstrating real world sales performance and showing customer success by assisting with deployment and long-term product usage. For instance, if your organization has deep engineering expertise, you’ll be recognized for that effort. Or alternatively, if your sales performance is high, you’ll have the flexibility to focus more effort there. We built this flexibility into the program to allow organizations to grow in different dimensions as makes the most sense for them.

Another aspect of the new program change is to simplify the message to our joint customers. By combining the silver and gold Security and Enterprise Mobility Management competencies into a single Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security designation, we’re acknowledging our customer’s requests to identify partners who can holistically help them make the transition to cloud-based infrastructure while securing all aspects of their infrastructure.

Are you ready to join these ongoing partner opportunities?

Don’t lose any momentum you’ve gained as a Microsoft Partner! If you’re not already actively working to achieve the new Microsoft Cloud Partner program status, please get familiar with new requirements and ensure you’re ready to renew on your anniversary date.

How to get started? Review the latest requirements for the Solutions Partner for Security — your Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Admin can check your organization’s progress here. Microsoft offers an extensive list of co-selling benefits, so be sure to download the Solutions Partner benefits guide for more information. Also, we have a new landing page for Microsoft Security partners, so come visit to see what’s new.

If you have any questions, please contact your Partner Development Manager.

Finally, here are some additional Microsoft Cloud Partner Program resources that you may find helpful:


  • Parri Munsell
    Senior Director, Microsoft Security

    A 25-year veteran of Microsoft Corp., Parri began his career in engineering responsible for building Microsoft’s first internet websites. During his time at Microsoft, Parri has had the opportunity to be a part of both engineering and marketing across many of Microsoft’s organizations including Office, Windows, Xbox, and Skype. Parri currently is responsible for Microsoft’s network of worldwide partners who sell, service and manage Microsoft security products.