Providing the information you need to succeed as a Microsoft partner - Microsoft Cloud Partner Program

Providing the information you need to succeed as a Microsoft partner

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One of the ways Microsoft empowers partners to achieve more is by constantly optimizing the highly-specialized information and customizable tools—a fusion that gives you the agency to leverage our technologies in pursuit of your goals—that we develop for our partners. This longstanding approach prioritizes easy access to knowledge and resources help pave an optimal path to success. Our experts have built out an expansive library of resources to support both current and prospective partners in navigating our customizable offerings.  

No matter where you are in the Microsoft partner journey, there is a wealth of information available to help guide you every step of the way and ensure success for your organization and customers. We’ve compiled our best sources here as a quick-reference guide; we recommend you bookmark this resource and come back to it periodically as your business practice evolves and your needs change.

Microsoft Partner Network sources

Upon becoming a Microsoft partner, you will be supported by our high-touch network of experts who are ready to provide you with resources for managing your membership, developing solutions, receiving training, and connecting with the larger partner network. As a partner, you have access to a wide range of informative and helpful content, and we’re committed to making your digital engagement an easy, value-add experience.

The Partner Center is your headquarters for managing your relationship with Microsoft. Here you can access your membership details, earn benefits, receive operational updates, connect with support, and much more.    

The Partner website is the gateway to all information about partnering with Microsoft. While this site is available to all users, it also offers an authenticated view that provides members with personalized information and exclusive resources. Key destinations on the website include:

  • Membership: Resources to dive into your relationship with Microsoft and personalize your membership.
    • Get Started Here: Overview of the benefits of partnering with Microsoft.
    • Compare Programs: Detailed explanations of membership options and benefits, including pricing and support.
    • Competencies: Designations you can earn to showcase your organization’s broad technical capabilities in Microsoft technology.
    • Advanced specializations: Designations you can earn to showcase your organization’s deep technical expertise in scenarios related to Microsoft technology.
    • Why Microsoft: Information on how partnering with Microsoft leads to customer success.
    • Action Pack: Available tools and resources to build your business and solutions.
    • Cloud Solution Provider: Microsoft’s program to provide partners with new opportunities that accelerate growth.
    • Co-sell with Microsoft: Playbook for co-selling with Microsoft.
    • Licensing: Guide to licensing Microsoft products.
  • Solutions: Step-by-step support to build your solution and take it to market.
    • Modern Workplace: Tools and applications to build a modern, interconnected, and secure work practice.
    • Business Applications: Information on leveraging Dynamics 365 and Power Platform to deliver solutions.
    • Azure: Introduction to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.
    • Nonprofit: Custom cloud resources for the nonprofit sector.
    • Cloud Applications: Key information and benefits of Microsoft Cloud offerings.
    • Managed Services: Guide to building a managed services business.
    • Go to Market: Resources for marketing your business as a Microsoft partner.
    • Solution Workspace: Experience for creating, publishing, and going to market with a Microsoft-enabled solution.
    • Build a Practice: Support and guidance on building your business with Microsoft.
    • Publish a Solution: Overview of the Microsoft commercial marketplace and what it means to publish to it.
    • Marketing Resource: Library of go-to-market resources, including tools and training guides.
    • Find Customers: Resources offered by Microsoft to connect you with customers and grow your business.
    • Market Expansion: Explanation of how to leverage the power of the global partner network.
  • Connect: Introduction to the larger community of Microsoft partners.

Last month, we held our annual conference for partners: Microsoft Inspire 2021. You can view on-demand content from the event on the Microsoft Inspire webpage, including updates on all the latest product features and partner awards.

For real-time partner updates, articles, and videos, I encourage you to connect with the Microsoft Partner Network on our social channels:

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, you’ll also receive monthly updates and news directly to your inbox via the Microsoft Partner Network newsletter.

Additional Microsoft resources

In addition to specific partner resources, reference materials are available for all who operate within the Microsoft ecosystem. These links speak to broader applications and considerations for Microsoft users.

Microsoft Docs: Comprehensive directory of Microsoft documentation including articles, training, and code samples. Features a collection of partner-specific documents and notifications.   

The Azure for Partners site is dedicated to providing information on Azure services, products, and workflows to help partners maximize their success.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Outline of how to become a Microsoft Business Applications partner and grow your business.

Microsoft 365 and Security for partners: Dedicated site for Microsoft 365 and security.

Microsoft on the issues: News and perspectives on the future of tech, public policy and philanthropic topics for Microsoft.

Microsoft News Center: Timely information about Microsoft, including corporate news, press releases, executive bios, executive speeches, and more.

Microsoft Industry Clouds: Industry-specific resources and solutions with Microsoft Cloud.

We also operate blogs for select products, providing the latest updates and strategies: