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Microsoft Inspire: build a foundation of trust and security

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We’re about two weeks out from Microsoft Inspire 2021, the year’s largest partner event that will take place from July 14-15. At Microsoft Inspire, connect with other partners, experts and leaders to discuss Microsoft Cloud and the opportunity it provides for your business growth and profitability. Celebrate innovations and make new discoveries of your own.

We are living in a changed world. Accelerated digital transformation and rapid advances in technology are transforming how people live, work, and learn. We have seen years of digital transformation happen in mere months. And while there is great potential for technology to help address society’s biggest issues, the pace of this change is also raising new challenges and intensifying existing inequities in our communities. The massive shifts in how and where we work have bred new types of threats from cyber bad actors, and the broader adoption of the hybrid workplace is expected to result in additional vulnerabilities.

At Microsoft, we are optimistic about the benefits of technology, but also clear-eyed about the challenges. These concerns are real, and we are committed to earning and sustaining trust with our customers, partners, the communities we serve, and the governments that represent them.

We’re also committed to providing trusted cloud services and platforms to help you meet the ever-evolving needs of your customers and the sessions and discussions that take place during Microsoft Inspire will help your organization create the best security posture. The Microsoft Inspire session catalog is available now so you can learn about the sessions at this year’s event – from executive keynotes to breakout sessions, ask the experts and featured partner table topics. Start building your schedule today.  

To see sessions focused on opportunities building a foundation of trust and security for your business and with customers, you can search “trust and security” in the session catalog. A few sessions from Microsoft leaders are highlighted below.

Our shared responsibility and opportunity for a more inclusive, sustainable, and equitable world: Trust is the foundation of successful business relationships. It is the key to unlocking innovation for your organization, and driving more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable growth for the world. Discover how you can earn your customers’ trust by securing their digital transformation and partnering with the world’s leading security company. And learn about our collective opportunity to build solutions and technologies that create a better future for everyone.

  • Speakers: Rodney Clark, Corporate Vice President, Channel Sales, Vasu Jakkal, Corporate Vice President, Security, Compliance and Identity, Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Chief Accessibility Officer, and Lucas Joppa, Chief Environmental Scientist.

Build your business by managing risk and securing customer information: The proliferation of hybrid work and data risk has created new compliance-related opportunities to put the proper safeguards in place. In this session, learn how to integrate and extend Microsoft solutions to work with what your customers already have in their environment. This will unlock new ways for you to help them protect and secure data across their entire digital estate.

  • Speaker: Alym Rayani, General Manager, Microsoft 365

Modernize security & defend against threats: The emerging threat of advanced attacks like Solorigate is being discussed with increasing urgency in the media, the boardroom, and security operations centers. In this session, we will provide practical guidance for using human and technology resources to combat advanced threats and showcase how our integrated XDR and SIEM solution empowers defenders today.

  • Speaker: Scott Woodgate, Senior Director, Azure Security and Windows Virtual Desktop

Accelerate customer transformation with cloud security solutions from Microsoft: The rapid adoption of infrastructure-, platform-, and software as a service has increased customers’ focus on comprehensive cloud security. Join us to learn about the top actions your customers can take to secure their cloud and hybrid environments – including strengthening their overall cloud security posture, protecting workloads from threats, managing cloud app activity, and more. We’ll also hear valuable partner lessons on navigating customer challenges and realizing the opportunities in this dynamic space. 

  • Speaker: Adwait (AJ) Joshi, Director, Product Marketing for Azure Security

The digital world continues to evolve rapidly, opening new opportunities for Microsoft partners to support our customers—and we’ve never been better equipped to help them incorporate comprehensive security solutions into their organizations. As we continue to work together, there’s tremendous opportunity to help our customers with their digital transformation and your participation in Microsoft Inspire will help ensure you are equipped with the information and tools you need.