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Maximize co-sell with the Microsoft commercial marketplace

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At Microsoft, we’re huge advocates for adopting a growth mindset. Just like in the classic children’s book The Little Engine That Could, a growth mindset helps us become laser focused on achieving our potential regardless of any challenges or setbacks we may encounter. And a growth mindset is not just valuable for individuals (and trains) alone—it should also apply to your organization.

Given the rapid pace of digital transformation, navigating continuous change can make it hard to stay connected to what matters most for your organization. Especially when it comes to selling, it’s easy to become fixated on isolated wins, like landing a large new account. However, meaningful and sustainable growth at the company level is most likely to occur when everyone unites to pursue opportunities of all sizes that consistently ladder up to big-picture goals, not just short-term achievements.

This is one of the many reasons why we work so hard to provide the right tools and resources for our partners. We’re constantly making refinements because we know that even small changes can better position your organization for sustainable growth—and a growth mindset can be contagious, inspiring other partners across the network.

With this in mind, I’m excited to share that co-selling with the Microsoft Partner Network is now migrating to Partner Center, the unified platform where partners manage their relationships and opportunities within the Microsoft partner ecosystem. In this post, I’ll share some of the ways this change will streamline your selling experience and empower your organization to pursue your goals—and, ultimately, growth.

Simplified offer publishing in the Microsoft commercial marketplace

One of the primary benefits of this migration to Partner Center is that you become the driver of your own publishing experience. Partners co-selling in Partner Center can now publish one offer and co-sell with that single solution across all three Microsoft channels: direct customer, Microsoft partner and Microsoft seller. Centralizing offer creation and management in Partner Center—where you already manage your relationship with Microsoft—also streamlines your experience, saving time and resources through efficiencies.

When selecting where in the Microsoft commercial marketplace your solution will be listed (AppSource, Azure Marketplace, etc.), the best option is identified for you through the publishing experience, helping you select the right home base for your solution to be sold through. Additionally, technical validation is now a seamless part of the publishing process in the commercial marketplace.

Becoming more discoverable with customers and sellers

In addition to streamlined publishing, the transition to Partner Center opens additional opportunities to expose your offerings to new audiences. By publishing in the commercial marketplace, you can showcase your company’s solution directly with:

  • 4 million active users in AppSource and Azure Marketplace across 140+ geographies
  • 90,000 Cloud Solution Provider resellers, who you can opt in to have sell your solution

By tapping into these new audiences through the commercial marketplace, your organization can unlock additional scale and profitability both now and in the long term. And we have skin in the game when it comes to seeing your organization thrive, as your performance feeds into the success of the entire partner ecosystem.  

Digital transformation will continue to reshape the business landscape, opening new opportunities while closing others. By embracing a growth mindset and continually optimizing how we do business with our partner network, your organization will be better positioned to evolve—and we’ll be there to grow with you every step of the way.

You can stay up-to-date with offers–and what is coming soon–that are supported in the commercial marketplace here.

I’d like to thank Jake Zborowski, General Manager, Commercial Marketplace at Microsoft, for his meaningful contribution to this blog post.


  • Alyssa Fitzpatrick
    General Manager, Worldwide Partner Co-sell

    Alyssa and her team focus on accelerating Microsoft’s business through partner sales engagement across all customer and industry segments. She manages the corporate strategy and worldwide field teams that are responsible for local, regional, and global partner sales. In this role, Alyssa maintains focus on all aspects of the customer engagement process and sales execution, which includes the sales model design, channel strategy, partner selection, partner co-selling motions, revenue attainment, and field incentives and readiness. With more than 25 years of leadership experience, Alyssa has led significant business transformation efforts, driving organizational changes, commerce initiatives, and cloud adoption across the global partner ecosystem.