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Great examples of innovative partner security solutions

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As the pace of digital transformation continues to accelerate, it’s becoming increasingly vital for organizations to stay up to date with their digital defenses. Last year alone, the FBI recorded more than USD3.5 billion in losses due to cybercrime, with the global impact predicted to reach USD USD6 trillion by 2021.

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which means there’s no better time than now for your organization to evaluate where you stand with cybersecurity and what you can do to improve. In particular, many companies are still navigating the rapid shift to remote work that occurred earlier this year. I’ve been impressed to see how quickly our partners have jumped in to help our customers with this shift. From developing new solutions to providing much-needed guidance, our partners have made a real difference helping companies across the globe.

In this post, I’m highlighting inspirational security-related work that some of our partners have championed recently.

Airnet Group helps the Georgia Office of the State Treasurer (OST) enable remote workers

Microsoft partner Airnet Group provides professional, managed, and consulting services for their clients while assisting them through cloud-based digital transformations.

Airnet Group was recently engaged to assist the Georgia OST with migrating to Microsoft Azure. With over 90 compliance certifications, Azure is the perfect fit for Georgia OST and the USD20 billion it’s responsible for annually.

In addition to the migration, Airnet Group also helped Georgia OST implement multifactor authentication and shift to a zero trust framework in a matter of days, dramatically improving security across their organization.

Central Logic improves patient care access and orchestration

For healthcare organizations, security is a vital component of their business and key in helping to protect sensitive and personal information. Central Logic is a partner who offers solutions to provide health systems with an enterprise-level view of their services so that they can better orchestrate the flow of patients.

They were able to deliver a high level of security for their solution by choosing Azure. Their solution helps customers protect sensitive patient data as it is accessed and stored in full compliance with all applicable regulations.

Project Hosts helps ensure turnkey security and compliance for healthcare companies

Another great example that impacts the healthcare industry is Project Hosts—an expert in securing applications, data, and workloads in Azure while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Their solution, Healthcare Security Envelope on Azure, enables healthcare providers, payers, medical device companies, and ISVs to transition their on-premises applications and workloads to the cloud with full HIPAA compliance and HITRUST certification.

Non-compliance with healthcare information security standards has resulted in significant fines. With Project Hosts’ solution, compliance can be achieved in a matter of weeks instead of months, significantly reducing costs and time-to-delivery for their customers.

MailGuard 365 stops email threats

Email access remains a top target for threat actors. MailGuard is a cloud-based email security vendor that protects against advanced email security threats including phishing, ransomware, and business email compromise.

Using Office 365, they were able to move potential threats to users’ junk and deleted items folders. Azure Machine Learning Studio is integrated into the MailGuard 365 AI to evolve threat detection decision-making, and users can activate it easily with their Microsoft credentials.

As technology continues to reshape the digital landscape, cybersecurity will continue to be increasingly important to every role within the organization—regardless of if you work in IT or not. We’re committed to ensuring that you have the resources and guidance you need to not only protect your own organization, but to support and protect your customers, too.

I’m proud of the work we continue to do together to keep our companies, employees, and customers safe. I look forward to us partnering to deliver more innovative ways to maintain our defenses and to keep our global data secure.


  • Tracey Pretorius
    Senior Director, Global Security Research Strategy

    Tracey leads Microsoft worldwide security researcher enablement strategy efforts to ensure our customers benefit from world-class security and AI solutions. She is passionate about helping customers and partners navigate an ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape and leverage Microsoft technology to effectively protect against and respond to cybercrime. Collaboration with security experts and partners across industries is critical to driving cybersecurity advancements. Tracey is involved in a number of groups, including co-founding and chairing the Microsoft Women in Security (MWiS) group, engagement in the Executive Women’s Forum (EWF) for Information Security, Risk Management & Privacy, an executive sponsor of partner KPMG’s i-4 Forum for Information Security & Risk professionals and on their CISO global member advisory board, an advisory board member at Strategic Cyber Ventures, and is also on the board of directors of the Choroideremia Research Foundation.