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Deliver new speed and scale with consumption motions

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Our guest contributors for this blog are Rashida Hodge, VP Customer Success Data & AI, and Simran Sachar, Director Global Partner Solutions (GPS) Data & AI. 

Do more, deliver faster results, and grow as you go. That is the mantra for today’s IT environment, and no one understands this more than our Microsoft partners. Every day, you are working smarter and faster to deliver meaningful solutions to customers built with Microsoft Azure Analytics. Our Data and AI partner relationships continue to be meaningful and impactful, and we know you are on a journey expanding both growth and value for your customers. As you discover new opportunities, accelerate execution of engagements, and expose new and valuable business use cases; you need resources and tools that accelerate and streamline this journey. And we, at Microsoft, aspire to be the support you need to achieve business transformation no matter where you are on the journey.  

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Therefore, I am delighted to provide you with an ever evolving, highly repeatable, technical IP called consumption motions that can be utilized to drive new levels of speed and scale with your customers. We will continue to add new material to enable you to continuously expand to new use cases and workloads with your customers. To kick off this offering, we are proud to provide you with the Synapse One-Click Test Drive which will give you a full proof of concept (PoC) environment in just 20 minutes!

It gives you access to all the material needed to easily, and quickly, illustrate the power of Azure Synapse by leveraging the popular New York Yellow Taxi trip and fare data set available on Github.  This resource comes pre-populated with all the necessary capabilities including data, pipeline (ingest, merge, aggregate), notebook (machine learning prediction) & visualization using PowerBI.  For a more detailed overview, please access this one pager summary here.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to go from telling your customer about the power of Azure Synapse Analytics to demonstrating the art of the possible in minutes.

Several partners have used this Synapse One-Click Test Drive and it has simplified the path to the first customer conversation and accelerated the next phase discussion; where you can begin to identify new use cases, solve business challenges, and ultimately drive more growth and value.

As we’ve embarked on this journey together, we’ve learned that it is imperative to remove barriers between applications and data to drive digital transformation for customer applications.  Insights are lost without a direct and seamless connection to data warehouses. To address this critical integration point, Microsoft is removing these barriers with the provision of Azure Synapse Analytics links for Cosmos DB and Dataverse.  This link enables real time analytics to be performed on high volume datasets without impacting the latency of any of the application transactions on that data. With this Synapse link, you now have all the value that comes from data source itself, and can now seamlessly connect to Synapse where customers can derive brand new insights from that data to drive innovative business outcomes.

We are excited to provide our partners an evolving library of new technical content with the sole purpose of helping accelerate the transformational journey for your customers. Again, this technical IP can help you uncover new opportunities, accelerate execution of engagements, and expedite value growth. We are committed to empowering your success because we know that partners make more possible.


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