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Become more data-driven with the new Partner Center Insights dashboard

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Over the past decade, companies across the globe have invested billions of dollars into collecting and analyzing data to glean insights that can give them a competitive edge in the marketplace. Increasingly, access to the right type of actionable information dictates who the leaders and laggards are for any given industry. This is one of the many reasons why Microsoft has continued to invest in advancing the data and reporting capabilities we provide for our partners—we know your success, and by association the success of the Microsoft partner ecosystem, depends on it.

Because we understand how essential it is for your organization to have access to meaningful data, I’m excited to share that Microsoft has released a new Insights dashboard in Partner Center, our unified platform where partners can take advantage of all opportunities in the Microsoft Partner Network. Available now to all partners, the new Insights dashboard enables you to access even more powerful reporting by providing a unified view of data across your Microsoft Partner Network organizational hierarchy. Spanning different partner programs, licensing models, and products, these reports are built on a platform that can scale as you grow your business.

This is the beginning of a journey to consolidate all commercial partner analytics into a single hub in Partner Center. Dedicated reporting roles have been introduced to ensure you can control access to privileged data sets within your organization. Robust internal monitoring, alerting and automated reconciliations between internal systems will ensure accurate data is delivered in a timely manner.

An example of the SMB customer opportunities dashboard in Partner Center Insights 

In addition to a rich suite of user experience (UX) reports, the dashboard aims to provide predictive and prescriptive insights that will help you engage in meaningful conversations with your customers at the right time, such as the subscription churn predictions and usage anomaly detection (see image below). You can also export the raw datasets in CSV (comma separated values) and TSV (tab separated values) formats so that you can analyze the data based on your specific business needs. You will also be able to programmatically retrieve all these datasets soon. And you’ll no longer need to access multiple tools to retrieve your data—Partner Center Insights is the single destination for all your partner data needs.

An example of the customers dashboard in Partner Center Insights 

Some of the new reports and dashboard features in the Insights dashboard include:   

  • Overview report: provides a comprehensive snapshot of KPIs and trends around customers, subscriptions, Azure consumption revenue, licenses and more.
  • Customers report: provides insights around your customers who have acquired cloud products such as Office 365Azure, and Dynamics 365.  
  • Product subscriptions report: presents analytics on the various cloud subscriptions that you have sold and/or manage for your customers. 
  • Product usage reports: presents detailed analytics around acquisition and usage of licenses for cloud products such as Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365, Power BI and Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS).  
  • Reseller performance report: helps you monitor the performance of your resellers in terms of the products sold and revenue driven by each organization. 
  • Training and Microsoft Learn report – provides insights into progress made by members in your organization on various learning platforms such as Microsoft Learn, Partner University etc. 
  • Customer opportunities report – provides customer purchase propensity data for Azure, Dynamics and M365, thereby enabling you to sell more to your SMB customers. 
  • Competency report (see image below): tracks the number of silver and gold competencies your organization has achieved and the stage of lifecycle completion, as well as the status of competency metrics against required thresholds. 
  • Benefits report: tracks data and maps trends around the benefits partners have accessed and their utilization during a selected date range. 
An example of the competencies dashboard in Partner Center Insights 

We’ve developed these updates as a direct result of listening to your feedback. We know having a central place to manage your relationship with Microsoft and track customer interactions is key to making it easier to do business with us—and early feedback on Partner Center Insights from partners has been positive. According to Dell Program Enablement Consultant Rick Vesny, “The new analytics views are really nice and make it easy to see where customer activity is contributing to a given trend.”

Microsoft is committed to the success and growth of our partners as we work together to serve our mutual customers. The Insights dashboard in Partner Center is one of many examples of Microsoft’s commitment to empowering and investing in our partners.

Microsoft is serious about positioning your organization so it can thrive; when you succeed, it contributes to the collective profitability and growth of the entire Microsoft partner ecosystem. We’ll continue to make investments in new features and capabilities for Insights to ensure our partners have access to the business intelligence they need, both now and in the future. I’m a firm believer that this focus on becoming ever more data-driven will empower us to better meet the evolving needs of our customers and achieve long-term success.


  • Dan Truax
    General Manager, Global Partner Solutions

    With more than 23 years at Microsoft managing internal and customer facing, at-scale, online digital marketing solutions, Dan Truax leads the Partner Digital Experiences and Programs team within Microsoft Global Partner Solutions (GPS). He is focused on delivering innovative, engaging digital and programmatic experiences to enable success and growth for our partner ecosystem.