A powerful new platform for the healthcare industry launches today - Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program
Oct 28,2020

A powerful new platform for the healthcare industry launches today

Healthcare professional

Last month at Ignite, we announced Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare–a new industry-specific cloud computing platform that brings together new and existing healthcare capabilities and a common data model for healthcare into a single source of information to ensure consistency across applications, enable seamless integration and better interoperability. With Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, Microsoft and our partners are helping healthcare organizations reimagine tomorrow by empowering everyone to deliver value faster, to make more impactful decisions, to set a clear course for the future and to adapt and transform with boundless agility. Together, we are working to shape and scale digital health capabilities, tools and resources that healthcare organizations can use to rapidly build solutions that deliver better experiences, insights and care.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, including managed services designed to support healthcare organizations, is available today. This integrated solution lets customers quickly access a portfolio of released and new healthcare capabilities tailored to meet the unique requirements of health data in the cloud.  It unlocks the power of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform, and a wide variety of end-to-end healthcare solutions from our partners. Healthcare organizations can use Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare to engage patients in new and more proactive ways and empower caregivers by providing tools that improve data interoperability, increase workflow efficiency and streamline interactions.

To learn more about Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare solutions and how they benefit customers, head over to this blog by Tom McGuinness, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Health, Microsoft. For more on the innovative solutions partners are delivering for customers in the healthcare industry, read this blog from Scott Rollins, Director, Global Industry Product Marketing.