May 25,2023

Share your Partner Pledge impact stories with us

Signing the Microsoft Partner Pledge encourages partners to work with us to build a sustainable future in technology. If you’ve signed the pledge, you can share your Partner Pledge Impact stories with us to showcase the incredible work you’ve been doing to drive social and environmental impact.  

Tips for creating stories

A great way to share your story is by highlighting a new process that you’ve implemented, a solution that you’ve created or an action that supports any of the three goals in the Partner Pledge.  

Goal 1 

Growing talent in the industry 

Working together to better understand how to recruit, hire, develop, and retain talent. 

Goal 2 

Enhancing diversity and inclusion  

Future-proof your organisation with a diverse and inclusive strategy. 

Goal 3 

Delivering a sustainable world 

Harness the power of sustainable technology on your journey to net zero.

We also encourage you to connect with our LinkedIn community. It’s an excellent way to share, learn, connect with other like-minded businesses, and receive updates on Microsoft news.  

“Signing our Partner Pledge contains a simple promise: we’ll work together to make digital innovation a force for good.  So, let’s grow tech talent, enhance diversity and inclusion, and help to deliver a sustainable world.” 

Orla McGrath, Global Partner Solutions Lead UK 

Haven’t signed the Partner Pledge and want to know more? 

As a partner, you’re likely to share the belief that technology can address broad societal challenges and can appreciate how integral these shared values and priorities are to how we work and achieve success together.  

If you haven’t yet signed the Partner Pledge and want to learn more about how to get started, there are in-depth resources relating to all three goals on the Partner Pledge website, along with a link to digitally sign our pledge.   

All three of these areas are rapidly evolving, and we believe that our partners should be at the forefront of this revolution in technology. With over 300 signatories, the Partner Pledge initiative can help you get started with certifications, guides, tools and access to global Microsoft support networks.

Sign the Partner Pledge

Finally, a massive thank-you 

Thank you for joining us on this important journey. If you don’t see your logo below and have signed our pledge, please contact  

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