Jun 16,2022

ISV ThinkTank: Transform user experience with conversational AI

Customers are rapidly turning to digital channels and are demanding personalised, interactive, and immersive engagement on the platform of their choice.  As a result, organisations are turning to tech like conversational AI. It’s a fast, accurate, and reliable way to interact with customers, users and employees.  

Conversational AI has the potential to transform their Total Experience (TX). With capabilities like Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis, Speech Recognition and Omnichannel presence, it can comprehend context and user behaviour. At the same time, it proactively helps the user and offers guidance. 

You may be thinking that conversational AI is nothing new. After all, chatbot assistants have been around for over a decade. However, you may have noticed these assistants have improved their listening skills, conversational ability, and overall utility. This is because behind the scenes, a range of technological breakthroughs have occurred as AI-powered technologies have been integrated into new devices and use cases. 

With the global conversational AI market forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 21.9 percent to around $23B by 2027, the market shows no signs of slowing. Additionally, research across various conversational AI software vendors show that the volume of interactions handled by conversational platforms has increased by as much as 250 percent across multiple industries and use cases in 2021. It’s clear that the impact of this technology and rate of innovation is only going to accelerate adoption. This will drastically change the landscape of how organisations interact with customers and employees.  

Getting your business involved in the conversation 

To meet customers’ expectations, your organisation must be available anytime and anywhere on every channel. Organisations that fail to meet these expectations risk losing market share to competitors that do. Until recently, conversational systems were exclusive to specialised vendors and developed by leading data scientists. The development of low-code and no-code conversational AI software has greatly decreased this complexity. This means your company no longer needs to rely on data scientists to build a chatbot. Today, you can find all the tools you need to build an AI-driven chatbot in a single, convenient solution. 

With Microsoft’s conversational AI tools, ISV’s and developers can build, connect, deploy and manage intelligent bots that naturally interact with their users on a website or app. It’s quick, free, and easy to get started with the Microsoft Bot Builder software development kit (SDK). 

Building intelligent bots requires stitching together several components. Developers can quickly add layers of sophistication to their bots by using the collection of Azure Cognitive Services that include Language Understanding, QnA, dialog, speech, vision knowledge, and much more.  As always, you can host your bot directly on Azure at scale using Azure Bot Service

Transforming the Total Experience (TX) with Acuvate

Acuvate enables organisations to train, build and launch customiced conversational bots powered by AI. BotCore, a conversational AI platform built with Microsoft technologies, has helped organisations build, deploy and manage AI enabled bots that have transformed the total customer and employee experience.  

With Acuvate’s BotCore solution, a global CPG giant aimed to create excellent consumer engagement through conversational AI. This solution enabled them to create a personalised customer service and engagement chatbot to converse with customers on varied topics. From food products that the customer could buy, to recommending recipes based on the user’s preferences. These chatbots delivered a unique experience to every customer, helping win their trust.  

Image Source: Acuvate

Using Microsoft’s technology stack, Acuvate has also built powerful employee assistants that reduced the overall operational and cost per contact. The all-encompassing chatbot is conversational, multilingual and highly trained. It enables employees to interact in their natural (preferred) language and use office jargon. The bot can assist employees throughout their lifecycle, from simple to complex tasks, with the option to hand over to a live human agent as and when required, resulting in reduced cases and improved employee experience and productivity. 

To learn more about Acuvate’s Conversational AI services and BotCore, browse Acuvate’s chatbot & automation solutions or contact team at info@acuvate.com  

Start your journey 

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