Oct 21,2021

ISV Think Tank: How ISVs can innovate and reach more customers

Today, software companies are at the forefront of digital modernisation to help customers become better. Nearly every business is run on software. Your customers need to scale IT with apps and APIs from multiple software providers.  

At the same time, the way we do business is changing. According to Forrester, B2B e-commerce is forecasted to compound by 10 percent annually through 2023. It’s clear that B2B purchasing behavior is skewing heavily towards self-service e-commerce buying.  

The Microsoft cloud opportunity is stronger than ever with over 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies using Azure. There are over 145 million daily active users on Microsoft Teams, and over 250,000 organisations using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform to run and transform their businesses. And partners are critical to helping businesses in every industry respond and adapt to the challenges of the world today. 

Partners understand the limitless potential of the cloud. To support customers, ISVs must innovate at unprecedented speeds. We also are committed to help partners go to market faster, build apps for every need, and scale through our channels.  

This is why we’ve developed the ISV Ascent Program, so you can focus on inventing with purpose and reaching new customers at scale. 

Differentiate through innovation

Our partners have deep expertise to build the solutions our shared customers need. Therefore, it’s important for you to keep developing technical capabilities and use solutions such as AI to future-proof your business. We can help you: 

· Build software on your terms: Build applications with the open source technologies you already rely on and trust, using the language and framework of your choice.

· Collaborate with GitHub: Bring open-source code, culture, and best practices into your organisation. Last year, developers made 1 billion contributions to open source projects and private repos that are hosted on GitHub.

· Infuse AI into your applications.

· Infuse your apps, websites, and bots with intelligent algorithms to understand and anticipate users’ needs.

 Reach more customers  

Nearly every company on the planet does business with Microsoft. The Partner Opportunity For Creating Microsoft Teams Applications,” a commissioned Total Economic ImpactTM study conducted by Forrester Consulting, May 2021, ISVs that sell with Microsoft experienced up to a 400 percent increase in deal sizes and saw an increase of up to 250 percent in leads.  The commercial marketplace (inclusive of Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace) is the central engine for partners to reach and connect with customers. However, it’s more than just a digital storefront. It connects you to: 

· 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies and over a billion users who use Microsoft technologies.

· The Cloud Solution Provider ecosystem of over 90,000 partners that generate 60 percent of Microsoft partner transactions.

· To over four million users a month, leverage partner resellers, and get your app to 15,000+ global Microsoft field sellers.

· Thousands of leads by categorising and surfacing Line of business apps and industry-specific solutions through Microsoft AppSource monthly

Taking business to new heights 

Canadian-based ISV, UnlimitedViz—the makers of tyGraph—took their business to new heights by selling through Microsoft AppSource, tyGraph receives over 500 software downloads of their solution per month and now sells in over six geographies worldwide. 

Discover how tyGraph is able to scale with Azure and grow with Microsoft AppSource 

Migrate and modernise existing applications  

In order to stay agile and scale, it’s important to be able to quickly migrate and modernise the successful solutions you already have. This means you can leverage new functionality, improve security, and allow even more customers access your solutions:

· Migrate existing web apps with little or no code changes.

· Extend app functionality to build innovative experience with easy-to-use serverless and cognitive services.

· Build industry-specific apps with pre-packaged tools with industry accelerators, pre-built templates, and Microsoft industry clouds.

· Help your developers code together and deliver remotely. Build and deploy applications within accessible, cloud-hosted development environments and remote-capable tools.

· Use fully integrated development environments with built-in support for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, the most popular IDEs trusted by over 15 million developers.

· Increase agility with best-in-class cloud infrastructure that scales to your needs and reduce operational burden with fully managed application and database services in Azure.

· Protect workloads across your hybrid environments with intelligent security services backed by 3,500 cybersecurity professionals and use built-in resilience to avoid costly business interruptions.

· Leverage PowerApps with low/no code to quickly build apps and automate workflows. 33 percent of companies that empower developers with low-code platforms score higher on innovation. 

Start your journey today 

We can help ISV’s be successful with our partnership and routes to market benefits. With our unique ability to bring together a market-leading Cloud platform for customers, our options that support all business models. 

Please get in contact to learn more on how we can help you from a Technical and Commercial perspective – email: isvuk@microsoft.com 

We are also running a session dedicated to helping ISVs in the SAAS Academy – Microsoft Reactor Event Series. SaaS Academy Tech Track

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