Mar 07,2023

Expanding the Global Footprint of ISVs in Partnership with Microsoft

Microsoft ISV Hero - Matillion

Partnering with Microsoft has empowered Matillion, the Data Productivity Cloud, to establish a global footprint via the Microsoft commercial marketplace, to deliver powerful data integration and transformation with flexible and low-code/no-code capabilities.

Because Matillion’s customers are on the cloud already and many use Microsoft Azure, our network of partners and customers has become a key driver for Matillion’s visibility and revenue growth.

Read on to discover how our flourishing partnership with Matillion unlocks the power of their customers’ data, enabling faster onboarding and enhanced productivity.               

Data lakes to deliver valuable data insights

Matillion’s platform is deployed in a wide range of industries across the globe and is being leveraged by businesses at various stages in their growth journey. The challenge they all face however is to generate useful data insights from varied data sources that enable people to do their jobs better.

Time-consuming and expensive data transformation is an obstacle to real-time data analysis, which limits the quantity and quality of data insights needed for better decision-making. Slower sales and revenue growth is often the consequence of inefficient data management and issues with interoperability between source systems and applications.

With help from Microsoft cloud services, however, Matillion can empower data teams to transfer all their underutilised data to the cloud and transform it into business-ready insights that can start delivering value at pace.

Integrating with cloud platforms enhances efficiency

The Matillion Data Productivity Cloud helps organisations to standardise, cleanse, and enrich their data in a way that is customised around each company’s individual needs. Because Matillion was designed from the outset to integrate deeply with modern cloud data platforms the movement and sharing of data within the customer’s data stack, amongst the latest data governance and BI tools, can be orchestrated using APIs.

Accelerating performance by maximising data team access

Matillion empowers the whole data team by giving them access to its functionality from a drag-and-drop, low-code and no-code interface. This enables everyone to connect data sources to their chosen cloud data platform without having to rely on programmers with deep expertise. Many of the best practices and features of these platforms are directly accessible from Matillion’s interface. 

The ability to build sophisticated data pipelines using an intuitive visual UI underpins Matillion’s multicloud strategy and makes their service ‘everyone-ready’. Enabling data lake consolidation and interrogation often creates the basis of longer-term partnerships. By integrating closely with Azure, this innovative approach enables customers to get better performance, speed and scalability for their data warehousing and ETL needs.

Driving co-sell growth on the Microsoft commercial marketplace

Matillion CEO and Co-founder, Matthew Scullion believes that a collaborative relationship with Microsoft enables the support and advice that can maximise growth through our partnership and customer ecosystem. Making Matillion transactable on the Microsoft commercial marketplace was a key step to growing the company’s global footprint.

Scullion said: “We value both the platform Microsoft provides and the people we work with. As a top-tier co-sell partner, the Microsoft commercial marketplace is crucial in supporting our company’s growth. Meanwhile, the incredible partner team provides support and helps us make the most of the resources and opportunities at our disposal.”

“We use the Microsoft partner portal to register and track co-sell opportunities and engage with their sellers. The most impactful programme for us, however, is the marketplace rewards programme. Leveraging Azure sponsorship credits has helped accelerate our sales cycles with Azure customers. In fact, we’ve seen healthy co-sell growth year on year.”

[Matillion on Azure Marketplace]    

Start your journey today

Partnering with Microsoft can empower ISV and software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies to succeed. Our new ISV Success Programme has launched in public preview, providing businesses with support and guidance on the Microsoft cloud. It offers free Azure credits, developer tools, app consultations and more.

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