Apr 04,2023

Empowering multi-cloud strategies in ISV partnership with Microsoft

VMWare is a Microsoft ISV Hero

The VMware Partnership with Microsoft has empowered multi-cloud adoption and helped accelerate customers’ digital transformations while enhancing user experience, improving security, and maximising enterprise control.

By joining forces across cloud, edge, client and modern apps, the global ISV’s partnership with Microsoft is enabling customers to maximise productivity on their journey to the cloud, driving growth for both companies.

Read on to discover how this thriving six-year partnership provides innovative enterprise solutions that add flexibility, choice and value to multi-cloud strategies across government, healthcare, financial services and communications service providers.

Accelerating cloud migration to stay competitive

Multi-cloud digitalisation strategies aim to make organisations more agile and competitive by running enterprise applications for employees, customers, partners, vendors across multiple clouds. But transitions to the cloud can often be complex, costly, and time-consuming, especially for large organisations with legacy infrastructure and a distributed workforce. Data security is also a major concern for businesses seeking to digitally transform.

At an operational level, improving agility while maintaining control of IT can be a challenge. Without autonomy, app developers struggle to hit milestones. Without alignment, data silos impede productivity. Rising user expectations of a consistent, personalised experience underline the need for coordinated and swift delivery of multi-cloud strategic priorities such as app modernisation, enterprise cloud transformation, and support of remote working on a global scale.

Optimising the cloud environment to scale and grow

VMware and Microsoft solve this challenge by bringing together the best of their public and private cloud expertise to enable a simpler, faster and more secure path to digital transformation.

Microsoft’s leadership in networking, computing, analytics and storage on the public cloud combined with VMware’s innovation and leadership with the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) on the private cloud and multi-cloud enable an optimal multi-cloud environment. This drives cost-effective cloud migration, data centre expansion, app modernisation, disaster recovery and delivery of a cloud virtual desktop to support remote and hybrid work.

Accelerating app development with a consistent multi-cloud approach

Empowering VMware’s customers to share resources, tools and data between different clouds is a key driver of success. This capability can be leveraged to help build, run, manage and secure any app on any cloud in a customised multi-cloud environment.

Unified governance can provide visibility into performance and costs across clouds. Employees can gain secure frictionless access to enterprise apps from any device. A built-in distributed service enables security and networking across users, apps, devices and workloads in any cloud. With a consistent and reliable experience, collaboration can flourish, creating the conditions for accelerated growth.

Expanding partnership to engage more customers

Gregory Lehrer, VP of Hyperscaler Partners sees the partnership with Microsoft as an opportunity to jointly innovate and extend customer reach: “Being a managed global ISV gives us access to a large scale of tools. These include structured programmes for partner success, highly skilled cloud resources to engage jointly with customers, and industry leadership and perspective. Joint product innovations and product portfolio expansion is an opportunity for our customers on their digital journey and drives faster adoption. Meanwhile the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace is also an expansion tool for our partnership and an easy path for our customers to accelerate their digital transformation.”

Start your journey today

Partnering with Microsoft can empower ISV and software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies to succeed. Our new ISV Success Programme has launched in public preview, providing businesses with support and guidance on the Microsoft cloud. It offers free Azure credits, developer tools, app consultations and more.

If you’re interested in registering, please visit the ISV Hub or email us at ISVUK@Microsoft.com

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