Apr 18,2023

​​​​​Accelerating ISV time-to-market in partnership with Microsoft

Metrikus is a Microsoft ISV Hero

Completing the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub for early-stage ISVs has empowered building efficiency platform ​​​Metrikus​ to mature its growth strategy and accelerate time-to-market.  

By making buildings more efficient, whilst creating positive change for employees and the planet, this budding partnership with Microsoft also benefits Metrikus customers with tailored solutions that connect to hundreds of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors commonly used in the built environment.  

Read on to discover how this innovative cloud platform hosted on Microsoft Azure helps transform organizations’ building data, allowing them to make smarter and more informed decisions.  

Overcoming building anomalies to reduce energy usage  

Owners and managers of commercial real estate often struggle to make workplaces more efficient, sustainable and productive, to the extent that building operations account for 28% of global carbon emissions and 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted.  

​​As a result, many companies are trying to reduce energy consumption and improve their ESG performance, whilst maintaining a healthy indoor environment for tenants. This requires operators to spot and understand building anomalies. But without useful and contextualized data and insights, they are effectively working in the dark.​ 

The challenge for Metrikus, therefore, was to develop a platform that brings visibility to building data, enabling the customer to reduce energy use while enhancing the wellness of occupants.  

Driving efficiency and sustainability with data insights 

Metrikus tackles this challenge by leveraging Microsoft Azure to aggregate ​​​data​​ from sensors and building assets, empowering customers to measure and analyse data in real-time. By overlaying multiple data sets, clients can identify hotspots and opportunities for energy savings that typically range between 10 and 20% in monitored buildings.  

With support from the Microsoft cloud, Metrikus can deliver real-time custom alerts and threshold anomalies that enable predictive maintenance and management. Compliance and reporting become faster and more accurate, enabling continuous tracking of sustainability progress and ESG compliance.   

With Metrikus, which uses Microsoft Azure IoT, customers no longer need to integrate with various different platforms to connect their building data. They can simply connect multiple data sources in their building – such as sensors, assets, or building management systems – to one single platform.  

Partnering with Microsoft expedites go-to-market strategy 

Turning innovation into revenue, however, requires both visibility and a plan. Having graduated from the Microsoft for Startups programme in 2021, Metrikus leveraged technical advice from Microsoft’s ISV Success Programme to accelerate their go-to-market strategy on the ​​Microsoft Commercial Marketplace. This enables Metrikus to reach and potentially co-sell with Microsoft customers, and connect with more ready-made and widely used applications, driving revenue growth.  

Microsoft also enabled Metrikus to raise their visibility and amplify their message across Microsoft’s audience network, featuring the team in live events such as the Microsoft ​​​​​​for Green Tech webinar and Microsoft Ignite UK. 

Aligning on values to drive innovation 

In line with their ambitious growth strategy, Metrikus partnered with Microsoft to gain access to a 360° “build-scale-market-sell” ecosystem, as well as a stable, scalable technology framework that could handle big data and thousands of devices. But a shared commitment to sustainability was also decisive. 

Metrikus CEO [Gary Cottle] said: “At Metrikus, we are driven by the belief that you can improve only what you can measure. Microsoft’s pursuit of innovation within green technological environments aligns closely with our company values and goals. Microsoft is constantly pushing boundaries and has the knowledge and resources to support its partners and help them succeed, alongside a suite of applications that drive its clients’ business operations forward. Azure is also an important factor; it offers sustainability credentials around data handling that complements Microsoft’s long-term commitment to shaping a desirable world.” 

You can read more about Metrikus and how they use Microsoft Azure to succeed here.

Start your journey today 

Partnering with Microsoft can empower ISV and software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies to succeed. Our new ISV Success Programme has launched in public preview, providing businesses with support and guidance on the Microsoft cloud. It offers free Azure credits, developer tools, app consultations and more.  

If you’re interested in registering, please visit the ISV Hub or email us at ISVUK@Microsoft.com 

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