Feb 28,2023

Accelerating ISV growth with Microsoft Partnerships

ISV Heroes, Discover new ways to unlock success. Accelerating revenue growth with Microsoft partnerships

In an increasingly digital economy, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are choosing to accelerate growth and drive innovation by becoming a Microsoft partner. But how exactly are these exciting partnerships empowering ISVs to reach more customers and become more efficient at building and publishing apps? 

In this series of eight blogs, we’ll be exploring how our ISV Heroes have maximised innovation on the Microsoft cloud and unlocked new routes to market through the partnership. These ISVs work in a range of sectors and are at different stages in their growth journeys, but they’re all keen to differentiate their offers and elevate their expertise.  

Most have chosen the ISV Success Program to start their journey by building transformational applications and extending the reach of their solution to over 4 million monthly active shoppers by publishing to the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace. This demonstrates an exciting opportunity as ISVs are projected to generate over $1bn in sales and drive 288% growth in their software as a service (SaaS) revenue this year alone.  

Supporting companies at every stage 

Partners differ in size as well as by sector. Metrikus, for example, are a partner who graduated from the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub programme in 2019 and recently became Co-Sell ready in 2022. Their digital platform helps landlords and tenants to run their buildings more efficiently and sustainably. Using an agnostic software, they aggregate data from a wide variety of sources, mainly from their integrated IoT sensors, to give actionable insights. Azure IoT gives them the flexibility, scale and security to support their large enterprise customers. Read more about how Metrikus is using Mirosoft Azure to succeed here.

Innovating on the cloud to accelerate transformation 

Other partners are innovating across sectors such as banking, insurance, and telecommunications with support from the Microsoft cloud. Aptitude is digitally transforming the finance function and helping them achieve more with less through increased automation, process simplification, and more connected financial data to drive insights and support decision-making. Recently they collaborated with Microsoft to integrate their Fynapse platform with Dynamics 365 Finance.  Read more about how Aptitude is transforming finance functions as a Microsoft partner here.

Digital employee experience (DEX) pioneer 1E focuses instead on helping IT teams improve end-user experience, tighten security, and reduce costs. Adopting a cloud-first strategy with Microsoft enables 1E to empower businesses to evolve IT operations from a cost centre to a strategic enabler. It’s also helped to differentiate 1E’s offer and accelerate time-to-market. Read more here about how 1E’s exiting partnership with Microsoft benefits their customers.

Driving growth in the global cloud marketplace 

Most ISV Heroes aim to extend their customer reach and scale their solutions across our partner network. Cloud-native data productivity platform Matillion, a partner since 2016, uses Azure to deliver powerful data integration and transformation through flexible low-code/no-code capabilities. The Microsoft Commercial Marketplace gives them a global footprint, recently delivering 50 percent co-sell revenue growth year on year. Read more about how Microsoft supports Matillion’s growth in the commercial marketplace here.

Rubrik, our security partner, delivers end-to-end Zero Trust Data Security to safeguard mission-critical apps and hybrid cloud against escalating threats, across enterprise, Cloud and SaaS. Available on the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace, customers are able to spend pre-committed cloud budgets and quickly deploy Rubrik, regardless of their cloud adoption journey.

Leveraging the partner ecosystem to extend customer reach 

Becoming an ISV partner empowers businesses to build innovative apps on Azure, migrate existing apps, and potentially sell through a network of 90,000 partners in our Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme.  

Exclaimer, for example, is a longstanding partner that develops and supports email signature management solutions on Azure, enabling Microsoft users to amplify the value of every email they send with consistent branding. Working with Microsoft makes it easier for partners and customers in turn to buy Exclaimer when they acquire a Microsoft 365 licence, making the relationship key to growth. Find out how Exclaimer is leveraging their Microsoft partnership to scale its modern customer procurement strategy here.

Aligning to deliver best-in-class solutions 

ActiveOps enables enterprise customers to do more with lessusing best-in-class workforce management software solutions that lower costs, increase productivity and enhance employee wellness. ActiveOps introduces better management, measurement, optimisation, planning and forecasting that empowers hybrid teams to perform better across the banking, insurance, healthcare and business process outsourcing sectors. They’ve been partners since 2016. Read more about ActiveOps’ journey with Microsoft here.

Accelerating customer innovation and digital transformation 

VMware and Microsoft partner across the cloud, Edge, clients and modern apps to help customers accelerate their digital transformation. The six-year partnership continues to deliver innovative enterprise solutions that enhance user experience and productivity, improve enterprise security, and accelerate customers’ journey to the cloud. You can learn more about VMware and how their partnership with Microsoft has empowered multi-cloud adoption here.

Investing in partnership delivers shared benefits 

These ISV Heroes have all invested time and effort in their Microsoft partnership to improve product development and testing, extend customer reach and differentiate their offer. But they’re also benefiting one another by sharing knowledge and motivation as part of a growing community of partners. We hope you enjoy the series. 

Start your journey today 

Partnering with Microsoft can empower ISV and software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies to succeed. Our new ISV Success Programme has launched in public preview, providing businesses with support and guidance on the Microsoft cloud. It offers free Azure credits, developer tools, app consultations and more.  

If you’re interested in registering, please visit the ISV Hub or email us at ISVUK@Microsoft.com