Hello Partners!
Microsoft and its partners are redefining productivity in the mobile-first, cloud-first world by offering customized solutions for a range of business needs. That’s why partner profitability is one of our top priorities. In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, we know how important it is to grow your business in the cloud in order to stay competitive.
At WPC, you’ll learn how to accelerate your transition to the cloud with ways to deepen customer relationships, practices that improve profitability and investments that create a stronger market valuation for your business.
Here is a quick sample of the featured profitability focused sessions you can attend this July. There are many more profitability sessions planned, so stay tuned for updates!
How to Retire Early and Be a Hero to Your Shareholders: Join us to hear from M&A experts and experienced partners as they share perspectives on how the right strategy can increase profitability and create heightened valuations, should you decide to retire or sell.
Learn What Successful Cloud Partners Know about Building a Profitable Cloud Business with Microsoft: During this session, you will hear best practices from top cloud partners on increasing profitability with Microsoft cloud services.
Learn how to increase profitability by building intellectual property (IP) into your business model: The cloud can make it easier for many of you to market and sell repeatable IP with less investment than was required for on-premises IP. This session is designed specifically for partners to learn about how adding IP to an existing business model can increase profitability.
#winningloadsofnewcloudcustomers: Join Darren Bibby from IDC Research and a panel of top cloud partners to gain insight into the mind of the cloud buyer. Learn best practices for driving cloud services marketing, customer acquisition, and how to increase your share of wallet with existing customers.
Building a Financially Sound Cloud Business and Creating Shareholder Value: In this session, we will dive deep into the recurring revenue model and its impact on company valuation, review key metrics for you to benchmark and track the success of your cloud business, and provide you visibility into tools available that will help you explore new revenue opportunities with Microsoft cloud services.
You can use the session catalog to find these and other great cloud sessions tailored to your business. Coming this June, you can also add the sessions to your personalized schedule in WPC Connect.
If you haven’t secured your spot at WPC this year, register today! I look forward to seeing you in Orlando.


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