I’m writing you from Toronto, where the energy in the air is electric. You see, today is a big day for the Microsoft Partner Network, and we’ve unveiled some exciting news for our partners. News that you helped make happen.

We used your feedback to make big changes to the MPN brand so that you can more clearly showcase your partner status. All with the goal of improving your business.
So without further ado, here is our new MPN logo.
Based on Metro, the look is unencumbered. Simple. Direct. Powerful. Metro is attractive yet functional. It’s typography-driven, and its clarity is striking. That clarity serves a purpose: to capture attention—and business. This logo will lead the eye directly to the message: that you’re a Microsoft partner. And they’ll implicitly understand all that goes with that: the trusted network, the ongoing support, and the best technology.
Your relationship with Microsoft is a key differentiator for your business. Along with your talent (of course!), MPN helps set you apart from your competition. These visual advancements serve to more deeply connect your business to the MPN brand. Your association with the partner network will grow stronger because of the clarity and simplicity of the new look.
By being a partner, you’ve invested in us. So we’re investing in you with continual improvements to help create opportunities. The competencies you earn are deciding factors in whether a customer chooses you or a competitor. So making your Microsoft connection stand out makes sense. The easier it is for customers to see your distinguishing credentials, the better.
We know it was difficult to incorporate the old logo into your communication. The new logo is much easier to work with.
This year we will embark on an unprecedented era that includes the most product launches in our history. You’ll learn all about it this week. New technology—led by the upcoming release of Windows 8—is at the forefront of this exciting time. And as our offerings evolve, so does our identity, to better serve you.
In fact, the new logo is just one of the brand elements we’ve revamped, creating visual consistency across all touch points. The unified look carries through to Cloud Accelerate, in which you’ll again see clarity as the driving force for direct communication. And with the ever-increasing number of cloud-focused business opportunities, it’s important to highlight the competencies that apply. The new brand does just that.
We’re proud of these enhancements. They were implemented with you in mind. Because as your business grows, our partner ecosystem strengthens. And that’s good for everyone.
Thanks for your feedback. Your input enables us to continue to improve our program, and I encourage you to leave any additional thoughts in the comments.  
Now, back to WPC. I look forward to seeing you at tonight’s welcome reception at the MTCC!​​