As a young company, Vaultive lives lean: we’re careful with our resources, and we prefer not to spend a lot on marketing or travel. But every now and then, an opportunity presents itself that makes investment worthwhile.
A year ago, our CEO, Elad Yoran, and CEO Geeman Yip of BitTitan met at a WPC partner networking event in Houston. We knew who BitTitan was, of course; the company has strong brand recognition within the partner community for their success with Office 365 deployments. In that conversation and in follow-ups after the event, we were able to convince BitTitan that we could bring a value add to their business proposition: security concerns are still very real for many potential cloud customers, but Vaultive’s unique encryption system that keeps customers’ information secure in the cloud – no matter if that data is in transit, in use or at rest – can make security a non-issue. And because ownership and control of the customer’s data remain in the customer’s hands, security becomes just an item to check off the list rather than a potential blockade to migration to the cloud.
It didn’t take long to convince BitTitan that we could help strengthen their pipeline and move sales forward by providing that extra level of security assurance plus control. Now, when fears about data security become a sticking point in the sales process, BitTitan brings us in as Subject Matter Experts, and we’re able to calm the customer’s concerns about security and “unstick” the sale. Of course, the partnership is a big win for us because while our message plays well to the enterprise audience, partnering with BitTitan allows us to provide our service to SMBs as well, which opens up new opportunities and revenue streams. BitTitan has longer reach and bigger size, so they’re able to generate enough business for us to keep us hopping.
Partners have asked me in the past if I think WPC is a worthwhile investment. My answer? Absolutely. No other event even comes close in terms of value. If it weren’t for WPC, we would never have built this relationship with BitTitan.
WPC helps to level the playing field for smaller, newer companies like ours. At WPC, everyone has access to everyone else if you’re willing to step up and ask for meetings, know what you want and prepare for the event in advance, pitch a real value proposition, and leverage the networking opportunities that WPC so richly provides.​