Conventional wisdom has it that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. You can’t dance at two weddings. You can’t sit in two chairs with one… well, you get the idea.
I’m here to tell you that you can.
They’re reluctant—are you?
At least, you can when it comes to selling both Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365. I’ve heard from partners who see the momentum building for Office 365, who have customers asking them about Office 365, who want a piece of the Office 365 action—but they’re reluctant to offer it.
Why? Because they currently sell Google Apps and they worry about switching to Office 365. Should they abandon a business in which they’ve invested, in some cases for years? It sounds like a gamble—how can they know if it’s a gamble worth taking?
Some big players sell both—and love it
The good news is that they don’t have to stop selling Google to start selling Office 365. While many partners do make the switch quickly and successfully, others—including some very major players—see Google and Office 365 as a positive sum game. They sell both, serving more customers than they could with either offering alone. They’ve become cloud brokers, giving customers their choice of cloud service. They’re having their cake, eating it too, and loving it.
Take Dedalus, Latin America’s 2013 Partner of the Year for Google Apps (Scale). Dedalus started selling Google Apps in 2009 and has since sold hundreds of thousands of seats. When it adopted Google Apps, Dedalus wasn’t sure of Microsoft’s commitment to the cloud, according to Dedalus president Mauricio Fernandes.
By 2014, that had changed. “It was time to start selling Office 365,” he says, adding that Office 365 gave him more ways to support customers, and a better way to support customers that want solutions that work with the Microsoft technologies they already have.
Boost your services revenue by 150%
Dedalus still sells Google—but Fernandes is very glad that he added Office 365. He makes 150 percent more services revenue from a dollar of Office 365 than he does from a dollar of Google. In just three months, Office 365 grew to become 60 percent of Dedalus’ new business and is on the way to becoming 70 percent of that business.
Or, take NeoNova. It became a Google Apps Premier Partner three years ago and began offering Office 365 within the past year. It still sells both, but Van Murray, Vice President, Cloud Services at the company, says it’s easier to get meetings with prospects when his sales reps lead with Office 365. The Microsoft offering has higher brand recognition and makes it easier for on-prem Exchange customers to migrate to the cloud.
Double your revenue in a year
NeoNova expects revenue to grow by 100 percent this year—with most of that coming from Office 365, which now comprises 70 percent of new revenue. “It would be difficult for us to achieve our growth targets without Office 365,” says Murray.
These companies found that adding Office 365 to their existing Google Apps business was only good business—a win both for them and their customers. Could the same be true for your business?
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