What a conference this has been! If you are a Microsoft partner and have not attended a Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) yet, I recommend it.  There are many sessions for you to learn and share information. And the networking opportunities are boundless. Next year this event will be held in Houston, Texas on July 7 – 11, 2013. 


Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Winners on stage

This week, we saw a number of demos and learned of new announcements. There are too many to highlight in this post so I’ll just talk about two that piqued my interest and curiosity from a consumer standpoint and enterprise standpoint.  The Windows Phone 8 demo definitely increased my awareness and garnered much enthusiasm. Microsoft is transforming the whole mobile phone experience by making it about the user’s needs. Users can customize live tiles bigger or smaller depending on what they use most. It was very cool to see the live tiles in action. For enterprise customers, Microsoft announced the “Switch to Hyper-V” program to help customers transition from their current infrastructure to Microsoft Hyper-V. The demos of Microsoft Server 2012 gained some oohs and aahs from me and applause from the audience.  You can find out more about all the announcements on Microsoft Press Pass.
I’ll highlight a couple more demos in this post that were shown in the HP booth.
HP t410 AiO All-in-One Smart Zero Client
Powered by one wire, the HP t410 is our new All-in-One Smart Zero Client.  I saw a demo of this in the HP Booth and it truly is powered by a cable.  Talk about decluttering – no power cord, no box or laptop. Just a wire for power and connectivity. And it uses just 13 watts of power. This would be an ideal solution for classrooms around the world. Also in a disaster recovery situation where communications are crucial, the HP t410s can be set up quickly and easily with no requirement for power outlets.

The Microsoft Pinpoint Profiling Center used about 20 of the HP t410s in their area with great performance.

HP Enterprise Cloud Services – Unified Communications As A Service
I also learned about the HP Enterprise Cloud Services - Unified Communications as a Service offering. This IT service combines voice, multimedia, messaging, and more on a single platform. With this service, you use only what you need, it is highly available, secure, and customizable.  And through a virtualized delivery model, you can get faster provisioning. The Web page has a link to a white paper that you can view and download.
For all WPC information and livestreaming videos, go toDigitalWPC
I’ll write a final recap of this event next week. Toronto is a wonderful city, we’ve had great weather and the event has been very organized. 
On a personal note – I left my camera in Greg Starks’ breakout session on HP iQuote. When I realized I forgot it, I sprinted back to the room. Luckily there was a break between sessions and the next session hadn’t begun yet. My camera was not there. The camera can be replaced but the images can’t since I didn’t download or upload them anywhere. Why didn’t I upload them to the cloud? With my head down, I headed to the Information Desk.  I was elated and very thankful to find my camera there! It’s not so much the camera that I had an attachment to, but the images on the SD card of my 97-year-old grandma. They are now in the process of being stored in the cloud! A heartfelt thank you to the folks who turned in my camera!
– Teri​