Today, we announced several new technology innovations and partner investments that will enable our channel to deliver on customer demands in today’s increasingly digital business world – including the expansion of the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, extending our Surface distribution strategy to thousands of partners globally, and unlocking mobility opportunities through new competencies for Windows 10 and EMS. These announcements are just the latest examples of the four ways we’re investing in partners. I will go into more details on these investments during my keynote on Wednesday, but I also wanted to share them with you here for context as you listen and learn during the next several days.
  • Building great products: It starts with building world class products and services that customers want, and our partners can build a profitable business around.

  • Creating markets: We have the global reach to create awareness, but this is just a starting point. We launch campaigns all over the world to help you reach customers and drive growth for your business.

  • Enabling you: The Microsoft Partner Network is at the center of everything we do to enable you to keep up with the change in the industry today.

  • Engaging through our field and partner teams: we have thousands of people at the local level solely focused on our shared success.
We couldn’t be more excited about the continued investment we’re making to ensure you – our partners – are able to help our mutual customers transform to the next business era along with us.
In addition to this morning’s announcements, I wanted to highlight several other important investments we’re making in our channel designed to help partners and our mutual customers embrace the cloud and drive value from the explosion of devices, data and applications.
  • Unlocking customer mobility opportunities: We’re investing in helping partners unlock customer mobility opportunities with a new competency for Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) that will enable them to differentiate their expertise and grow their business. The EMS competency is the final latest addition to the cloud competencies we announced last year at WPC. Additionally, to enable partners take full advantage of Windows 10, we’ll have a new Windows and Devices competency available mid-fiscal year.

  • New Azure incentives: To help our partners establish and maintain profitable Azure businesses, we’re launching the Azure consumption incentive on August 1, which will reward partners for driving consumption of Microsoft Azure Services. The new incentives will be available to all Silver or Gold Cloud Platform competency partners.

  • Introducing the ISV Hub: There is tremendous potential for partners to make money in the cloud by creating their own IP on top of our cloud services. Because we believe so strongly in this opportunity, we’re investing in the ISV hub over the next fiscal year, building it out with resources to help partners with their business models, application pricing, recurring revenue strategies, and go-to-market tools. We’re also launching a new certification platform to improve the differentiation and ease-of-use for partners certifying their applications built on Microsoft technology. Partners will be able to use these certifications to qualify for competencies in the MPN.

  • Identifying cloud profitability opportunities: To help partners identify how to build profitable business with Microsoft cloud services, Windows, and Devices, we are launching new research from MDC Research that outlines new profitability scenarios and financial models for their cloud businesses. In MDC Research’s survey of more than 1,200 partners, we found that nearly half of partners offer Project Services, Managed Services, and IP – and on average, 50 percent of revenue generated is from recurring revenue streams.
Only with our partners can we accomplish our mission of empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. And we will continue to invest in our partners to enable them to embrace opportunities like these.
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