Hello Partners,
When I think about the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), I’m focused on the connections you can make and the approach we’re taking to make the experience worthwhile. I want to see your anticipation as you hear about the future from our leaders. I want you to be inspired by expert speakers and innovative sessions. And, I want others to hear your personal stories of success, triumph and perseverance.
Today, I want to talk to you about why WPC is the right decision for your business and for you to learn and grow in ways you never imagined.
Interact with one another, discover new opportunities and drive business growth.​ WPC demonstrates the value of partnering with Microsoft and how to make it the best partnership possible.

Grow your network by connecting with your peers, industry experts and Microsoft personnel.​

Vision keynote is where Microsoft executives get real with partners, deliver insights and share our company strategy with you.

Take the insights and align your business goals into a clear plan. When you see how Microsoft solutions are applied – it will spark new ideas! ​

Learn Microsoft strategies and insights.​
Deliver better customer experiences. Your customers are looking for a full solution to address their business challenges. One. Comprehensive. Real. Solution.

You’ll choose from specific sessions that go deep and teach you how to execute with the right approach while incorporating Microsoft solutions into your offerings. ​

When you connect, there’s trust. When you trust, you grow. WPC is about connections and networking, as they are the heart of the experience.

Be thoughtful. Who do you want to network with? Make a plan in WPC Connect and find new partnering opportunities in your region.

Expand and strengthen your partnerships.
Experience real-world solutions. Be inspired! It’s not your everyday expo hall. Your senses will come alive as you talk to experts and learn from your peers about real solutions.

Take a look at the present and future of technology in your industry and discover opportunities that invite real partnership.

Get once-in-a-lifetime experiences with new friends and celebrate the successes of your partnerships.

We heart partners. We want to celebrate you – your hard work, your innovations, the things you do that change the world. Every day, you make a difference. Thank you.

Celebrate being a partner.
Make the right decision for your business. On April 23, the price of an all-access pass for the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference increases to US$2,195.

Don’t miss your chance to save big now.

Secure your spot today!



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