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Video is the ultimate form of storytelling. It’s where pictures and words work together to capture the essence of experience. I have been revisiting a few of the recent videos that we’ve put together to highlight our signature partner event; so I decided to curate them in a blog post so you can get as energized as I am less than two weeks out from Toronto.
The top notes and energy of the 2011 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference are captured in this video. If you thought last year was incredible, which I did, knowing what I know of the event we have planned for you this year is going beyond amazing.

In this video, you’ll get a great tour of some of the key spots we’ll be in just a matter of weeks. Bill Hole, a partner who is based out of the United States in Southern California, shot this video when a group of Microsoft partners went with us on our first on-site planning meetings in February—as we always have our partner advisors weigh in and represent your voice.
I shot this short clip when we went on another site planning visit with Kati Quigley, as earlier in the year she took the helm as the WPC Experience Ambassador. As you’ll have seen in Bill Hole’s video, we spent a lot of time in the Metropolitan Toronto Convention Centre as we continued envisioning the transformation of the venues including the Air Canada Centre, where in the video you see it in its most traditional form as the Toronto Maple Leaf hockey rink.
What you’ll see in just a matter of weeks is the work of amazing creative people who have transformed Toronto into the world-class Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. The Solution Innovation Center—which is the heart of the event as it’s the expo that houses hands-on labs, interactive demos, and all of the incredible booths, including the Microsoft Partner Network booth—is but a simple, big concrete space in this video.
Wait until you walk into that hall in July. I’ve seen the drawings—and it’s like walking into the future.

You must watch this video. Period. Not only will this be the best 30 minutes you’ll spend getting thoughts and ideas of how powerful WPC is and how best to get your game plan on, but there’s a fantastic moment with Aki in the video—you must watch to see what happened. Remember it’s MPN Live so we record—ahem, yes…LIVE!
What can I say, I love this video shot by Microsoft partner Ian McNeice, a long-time WPC attendee.
I live in the United States and appreciate a good late night television show, so I absolutely was enamored when I first saw him post this as a link to LinkedIn. I wrote Ian and said, let’s share this with all the other partners; it’s a great way to convey key event information, especially to the first-time goers.
And for the first time goer, don’t miss this great cartoon follow-up that highlights twenty key things to bring to WPC.

During the event, we’ll have a running dialog around the hot news and developments each day through DigitalWPC, and through social media. A key highlight for WPC coverage, from Monday to Thursday, you’ll be able to tune into 10 episodes of MPN Live—our live-streaming video show.
MPN Live is like Channel 9 to the developer community. It’s our news talk show where you, our partners, alongside Microsoft executives and industry pundits, share thoughts and opinions on what’s happening.
We’ll be on-air Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from:
  • ​​8:30 A.M. to 9 A.M. Eastern Time (the keynotes will also transmit live from  9:00 A.M.  to 11 A.M. Eastern Time)
  • 11 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. Eastern Time
  • 5 P.M. to 5:30 P.M. Eastern Time
On Thursday we’ll have our event recap episode at 1 P.M. Eastern Time.

We are:
  • – You know this site, because YOU ARE HERE! 🙂 We’ll be here on our community hub, updating blogs, providing news coverage and video
  • WPC Connect is our community platform where the business building, network meetings, and session information all come together in a social network environment. This is the digital complement to all of the connections you’ll make in real life. Be sure to watch this video if you want a quick overview of how to use it.
  • – Business news and announcements
  • – Event logistics and announcements
  • – Light business engagement and amplification
  • – Light event engagement and amplification
Main hashtags
  • #MPNLive – For conversation during our live program
  • #mspartner – Key business news and announcements
  • #WPC12 – All event news and logistics
Limited engagement
  • – Syndicated video from what we have on Digital WPC
  • LinkedIn – WPC 2012 group, where we all are as business professionals
Note that there will be several hashtags that will unfold for the event, for example, the OEM Partner team has #findthefloppy associated with a great campaign they are running. So be on the lookout for those, too.
Yes, the revolution will be televised. We’re doing it through storytelling. Through video. Through social media. Join us here to see successes for our business in this New Era. Together.