Hi partners! Today we launched WPC Connect and I invite you to join the community as we start to meet each other in preparation for the WPC experience in Toronto.


For many of you, this is where you’ll start your business building activities that will yield what we expect to be over 25,000 meetings between partners at this year’s conference.
What I find particularly powerful about WPC Connect is that we can start the meaningful discussions that are a key part of the value of going to events; the exchange of ideas and the sharing of success help to provide inspiration on the business potential that you have right now with all of the exciting products that Microsoft is rolling out.
WPC Connect marks the start of the conference experience, and by signing on you can begin engaging with fellow attendees whether in your same region or in a different country. For those of you who may be a first time attendee, it’s a great way to meet WPC alumni so that you can get tips on how to best take advantage of all that the event has to offer.
Be sure to share your impression of WPC Connect, as I am eager to hear what you think!