Hello Partners!

Last Thursday, we officially kicked off registration for WPC 2014, and excitement is building. The opportunities at WPC will be endless. One of the greatest values of attending is the chance to connect in person with both partners and Microsoft employees. Now you can start making those connections virtually and find other partners to do business with via our new WPC Connect platform.
We hear every year that one of the best things about WPC is the opportunity to meet and work with partners from all over the world. These connections are the avenues to more profitable partnerships. We want to encourage you to start forging those ties now.
WPC Connect has been the ideal way to manage your WPC onsite experience. This year we have made this niche interest network even better. The completely revamped WPC Connect, built with SharePoint 2013, now offers a way to build your professional network and connect with other partners like never before 365 days a year. Now you can easily build your profile, join groups, follow other partners, chime in on discussions, and connect directly one-on-one. Inspired by your feedback, new features for 2014 include:
More social. The new Recommendations feature automatically generates relevant suggestions for people to follow and groups to join.
Better networking. Enhanced Groups functionality makes it easy to join groups, participate in discussions, and connect one-on-one.
More control. Improved SPAM and Content Controls make it simple to report SPAM or inappropriate content.
Anyone can join our WPC Connect partner community. WPC attendees, however, will gain additional functionality to manage their WPC experience. Over the next few months, registered attendees of WPC will get access to the WPC Connect Meeting Scheduler and the WPC Session Scheduler as they become available.
In the words of SMB partner Arlin Sorensen, CEO and Founder of HTG Peer Groups, “WPC is the best place to connect with the people that make the Microsoft ecosystem work.” As a partner, you are an essential part of this ecosystem. Login to WPC Connect to complete your profile, join a group or start a conversation today! We’ll see you at WPC in Washington, D.C. July 13-17. But before we do, help us and other partners get to know you through your WPC Connect profile and start your WPC experience now.
Now is the time to register for WPC 2014. Register now, and save!