WPC Awards Announcement

The judges have made their decisions and I’m excited to see the tremendous diversity in this year’s WPC partner award winners! Their amazing solutions are as varied as the industries and customers they support and the parts of the world in which they do business. As we’ve heard from previous winners, being recognized as a WPC partner award winner creates new business opportunities, enhances the ability to recruit top talent, and provides a competitive edge in the marketplace.
Importantly, the power of partnership is not limited to connection with Microsoft. The Microsoft Partner Network is a conduit for partners to meet, learn, and build on each other’s talents and successes. A great example of a winning partnership is Numerix, the 2012 ISV/Software Solutions winner. A US-based company, Numerix manages risk and brings expertise in the valuation of complex portfolio derivatives. An exciting development for Numerix has been its partnership with GreenButton, the 2011 global Windows Azure ISV Partner of the Year. Using GreenButton’s innovative cloud solutions based on Windows HPC and Windows Azure, Numerix is able to process trades, which would normally take 30 minutes or more, in less than 5 minutes.
V​eeam Software is another great example of the power of partnerships within the Microsoft Partner Network. Through a close connection with the Microsoft development and sales teams, Veeam has extended System Center capabilities to aggressively drive adoption of Microsoft management, virtualization, and the private cloud platform solutions based on System Center and Microsoft Hyper-V\Windows Server technology. As the 2012 Management and Virtualization Partner of the Year, their willingness to partner and invest with Microsoft and our ecosystem to deliver tremendous value has won over many customers, including The Bank of New York, Pella, Capgemini, McLaren, Finanz Informatik, and Archer Daniels Midland.

We are also excited to roll out a very special surprise this year to showcase our award winners both at WPC and year-round on digitalWPC.com. It’s never been easier to find and connect with top partners to capture joint business opportunities to drive your mutual business success.
Check out all of this year’s winners, identify opportunities for collaboration, and plan to connect with them in Toronto to explore potential win-win partnerships that can help ignite your mutual business success.