The Worldwide Partner Conference is just about here. This year it’s in Toronto (one of my absolute favourite cities), from July 8–12. Each year, this highly anticipated event helps partners like you create business connections, pursue opportunities and learn all about the latest innovations. WPC is also a chance for you to get a closer look at the Microsoft Partner Network. And this year’s event is particularly exciting because of the new era we’re all embarking on together.

WPC is made for MPN. They complement each other quite well—each helps the other to shine. After all, WPC is a community atmosphere—it brings partners from all over the globe together. And MPN teams will be there live making sure you get the most of your time in Toronto.
You’ll notice the MPN Booth at this year’s conference. Stop by and take advantage of the wealth of information available. The experts in the booth are there to help you better understand resources available to partners—and that deep understanding will go a long way in better serving your customers and growing your business. The MPN Booth was created to help make your next fiscal year a brilliant one. At the conference, you can explore all facets of MPN, including competencies and membership subscriptions. Find out how to maximize your benefits, from training to support to the Partner Marketing Center. And of course, learn how to fully embrace the cloud using the latest programs. Microsoft is rolling out the most product launches in our history, so there will be plenty of exciting things with which to engage.
In addition to all of this support and guidance, you’ll have access to a variety of kiosks where you can find out more about Microsoft Learning, Pinpoint, and our much-awaited new Small Business Competency.
If you haven’t already heard of WPC Connect, you’ll certainly want to sign up before Toronto. It’s a powerful networking tool that helps connect you to other partners. You can use it to meet potential business collaborators at the conference—and continue to use it to stay in touch the rest of the year, essentially expanding the power of WPC and MPN.
You’re probably familiar with our informative roundtable talk show, MPN Live. And you’ll get a triple dose of it with three episodes a day on July 9, 10, and 11, with a final recap on July 12. That’s 10 episodes packed with key information about all things MPN. They’ll provide before and after coverage on the much-anticipated Vision Keynotes, touch on what’s happening at the Solution Innovation Center, spotlight notable tracks and sessions for the conference, and more. You’ll hear from Microsoft people as well as other partners, so you’ll get an even broader picture of the business world and how partners are participating in it.
As you can see, MPN is WPC. And vice versa. Each lends a deeper layer to the other. Experience it first-hand and leverage the knowledge to further your business goals.
I look forward to seeing you in Toronto soon for this definitive event.