Hello Partners!

Office 365 is one of the most successful Microsoft products ever, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. It’s far more advanced and comprehensive than other cloud-based or virtual software, and customers appreciate its strengths. After trying other solutions, many customers migrate back to Office 365, complaining that competing products like Google Apps lack enterprise capabilities and customer support.
The customer enthusiasm makes sense to me personally because I’m a devoted Office 365 user myself. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to access documents unexpectedly and was able to do so thanks to my Office 365 subscription. I don’t have to worry about losing files or going back to the office when I need something on the weekend—it’s all there, all the time.
With performance like this, it is no wonder that Office 365 is seeing large-scale adoption. Over one million state, federal, and local government employees already use the service every day, and case studies from enterprise customers like Patagonia, BCBG, Aston Martin, and British Airways demonstrate over and over how Office 365 improves business productivity and lowers costs. It’s not just large companies that choose Office 365 for their business, either. Office 365 is also a great choice for small businesses, letting them reach more customers, do more with fewer resources, and stop worrying about IT.
Also, I’m thrilled that Office 365 now has over 2 million subscribers. Microsoft continues to add functionality including new search abilities, more storage, better management capabilities, and integration with other products. This week, partners and customers who want to learn more about Office 365 have a great opportunity. The Office 365 Virtual Live Event today at 8am and 6pm PDT features thought leader Luke Williams on how the workplace is changing, cofounder of Yammer, Adam Pisoni, on how to be a responsive workplace, and customers like Andy Roberts, Head of End User Technology at Telefonica, on how Office 365 has increased agility and momentum for their business. Additionally, John Case, CVP of Office, will provide insight into what will be released over the next four to six months, and viewers can chat directly with Microsoft executives and product mangers throughout the event.
I’m excited to attend the Virtual Live Event, and happy about the increasing number of customers invested in Office 365. If you have stories to share about your accomplishments using Office 365, use the hashtag #getitdone this week as part of Office 365’s Breakthrough Moment.
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