Partners, I want to share a really exciting new program with you, one that I am personally behind. Your Office, Your Terms is about professional women working remotely and the technologies that help bring workplace flexibility for them to life. I’m really passionate about this because it represents how Microsoft technology can support busy professionals, especially women who in the last few decades have seen major changes in their roles and how they balance their lives. As a professional woman constantly driving to balance my career and family and increase my personal productivity, this really hits close to home.

Microsoft Office 365 in alignment with 85 Broads (a global community of 30,000 professional women) is extending remote technology advice to women-owned and women-run companies and helping to create a dialogue among professional women. As part of the project, the Office 365 team surveyed members of 85 Broads to get their thoughts about remote working and technology. Here are some interesting insights from this:
  • Remote work is common with 85 Broads members working half the week (2.8 days) away from the office on average.
  • The primary reasons women work remotely include: Better balance of work/home priorities, avoidance of long commutes or traffic, and greater productivity.
  • Productivity and job satisfaction increases when women work remotely—62% of respondents contend that their personal productivity improves when they work outside of the office.
  • 81% of respondents agree that remote working enhances job satisfaction and 73% of respondents believe that technology helps them to be fully productive.
If you have customers (or colleagues) who would find this program relevant to their professional lives, please share the Office365 website with them. The site offers useful resources—including digital events—related to effectively working remotely and is worth browsing as you think about productivity conversations with your customers. There is also a great free downloadable eBook toolkit which has tips and tricks for effective remote working, the full 85 Broads survey findings, and remote working etiquette.
I am continually inspired by our technological advances and the opportunities this creates for our customers and partners, especially in light of the increased challenges we all face to balance all the demands we have in our modern lives. With Your Office, Your Terms, we can greatly improve our ability to meet these demands much more effectively. I am very proud to work for a company that helps businesses support the needs that professional women face.
Best regards,