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Building a practice takes time, commitment, and talent. It also demands openness and the ability to change with the times. The industry as a whole has seen the importance of managing change in our collective migration to the cloud, and you can be sure that many industry leaders have done so with the help of the Kanban method.

Kanban is a method of improving workflow using visualization. It balances incoming demand with available capacity, and helps identify bottlenecks that slow or even halt progress. Overall, this method helps teams stay organized and better communicate priorities. It also detects operational problems and enables collaboration, improving the overall workflow.

Whether you do Kanban with sticky notes on a white board or use specialized software, there are several key steps required to make this methodology successful. First, you need to gather your team and identify every task currently being worked on. Then you need to agree as a team to pursue incremental and evolutionary improvement, while also respecting current roles and responsibilities. Together, you can move your tasks along the workflow from to do, to doing, and finally to done.

Productivity: Kanban Method

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