I’m not sure if you’ve all seen it, but I sure have!  I’m referring to the way that partners are hiding their iPads as of yesterday. The first day, I sat in the Air Canada Centre with a partner next to me pounding away at his iPad throughout the entire keynote. I watched his Tweetdeck app crash multiple times while I very relaxingly sat with my Samsung Series 9 running Windows 8, swiping from MetrotTwit to the Twitter site to tweet. Yesterday I saw less people “whipping” out their iPads and more or less a kind of a “hide the device” attitude.
Today, if you were watching–like I am–the message of Windows 8, touch, Surface and app development is radiating within the convention. Simply put, I think this WPC has been the most successful ever for two reasons:

  1. The message is all about Windows 8 and the synchronized desktop, laptop, tablet and phone and WE GET IT.

  2. The excitement level and smiles on everyone’s face shows that Microsoft delivered and will continue to do so.
What’s next?

The August and October release dates on Windows 8 are incredibly soon. We are going to dominate in 2013.

– Kevin​