Every year we look forward to the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference and have now been attendees for more than six years. Our first taste of the conference impressed us greatly with the scope of Microsoft commitment to its partners. Each subsequent year provided a focal point for our technological evolution, which enabled us to ensure that our strategic planning took this into account.

One of the major benefits of attending WPC is the myriad of sessions, keynotes, and what-to-dos. We’ve always left these having gained valuable insights and knowledge and feeling like a part of the Microsoft ecosystem. We extended our commitment to WPC by becoming a member of the Partner Advisory Council. Being a member of the council, I can assure you that this year’s WPC will be the best one yet!
WPC is a great place to connect with old and new partners looking to extend or widen their value proposition to solve business problems. WPC Toronto will be critical for partners around the world to be able to partner with Canadian companies and to enjoy what Canada has to offer. Take advantage of the social media opportunities available to help attendees make connections with industry colleagues and interact with the plethora of partners in attendance.
The conference also allows you to be on the front line of the Microsoft vision and advances. Witness first-hand the latest and greatest in the world of Microsoft and its ecosystem. Meet people who are at the top of their respective fields. Interact with individuals and companies from all parts of the world, who come together to learn, share, and experience.
WPC stimulates your mind as well as your imagination!
- Harry​​​