A recent IDC white paper, commissioned by Microsoft, shared some staggering statistics about how quickly your skills can recede without training. Read that partner effectiveness study here.

The statistics and statements in the IDC report are insightful – and so are comments from real Microsoft partners just like you. Today I want to share a few thoughts from partners we talked to at the 2014 Worldwide Partner Conference.
Stay current
“What Microsoft does with the MPN Training is make sure that we can evolve with Microsoft constantly to offer our customer the latest and greatest knowledge,” says Danny Burlage of Wortell.
In terms of staying relevant, this fiscal year we’ve released a new set of cloud training modules and resources that can help you evolve your business to the cloud. And, we now have a weekly webcast series called Cloud Profitability Fridays – every week at 8:30 a.m. Pacific.
Train quickly and efficiently
Another aspect partners discussed is the short, bite-sized training. Says Julie Watkins of Dell Services:
“The beauty of the MPN learning is they are 30 minutes or 45 minutes long, and so they can do it on a train riding into the office.”
Geno Cenci of ePlus Technology, Inc. and 2014 Microsoft Sales Specialist of the Year award recipient agrees:
“Being able to do these online and at their own pace” helped his team complete many training courses, “versus taking them out of the field for five days and having them go to a class.”
Get inspired and get training
We hope these testimonials inspire you to take a new training today.
Want to hear more? Watch this short partner interview video.
Also check out the recently revamped Training section on the Microsoft Partner Network site here. And access on-demand MPN Training resources in our learning paths.
What’s your experience with Microsoft Partner Network training? Leave us a comment to share your favorite resource.​