What do you do when you’ve developed the #1 downloaded app on Google Marketplace and are looking for continued growth? You take advantage of the next big market shift by developing a strategy for Office 365.
When they noticed that a growing number of their customers using Microsoft products were asking about integrating the stand-alone Insightly platform with Microsoft, the CRM provider decided it was time to support Office 365.

Providing SMB solutions for all

Insightly was created when founder and CEO Anthony Smith noticed a problem he could turn into an opportunity: small and medium businesses (SMBs) don’t always have the resources to buy and maintain their own CRM infrastructure.
That’s when Smith and his team built a CRM software solution to bring the cloud to them instead. Today, Insightly’s CRM software is used daily by more than 950,000 people in more than 200 countries.
SMBs have choices when it comes to the cloud. And for Insightly, that meant another opportunity for business growth: integrating its solution with Office 365 and bringing the power and productivity of the Microsoft cloud to new and existing customers.

More customer value = more customer loyalty

Both Insightly and its customers benefit from the combination of Insightly and Office 365.
“When Insightly is sold with Office 365, the customer gets a huge increase in usefulness and productivity,” says Dwight Foster, VP of Sales and Business Development. As a result, customers are more loyal and churn is down.
The benefits for Insightly didn’t end there, though.

Insightly gains partners—a lot of partners

To bring its software to Office 365, Insightly utilized the resources Microsoft offers to help with product development.
“Microsoft provided dedicated resources and helped us with data integration and to troubleshoot the solution,” says Dwight Foster, VP of Sales and Business Development for Insightly. “The process was well-defined, straightforward, and painless.”
The benefits of this partnership didn’t end there. It also gave Insightly access to something of immeasurable value—the vast Microsoft partner ecosystem.
Insightly is using that ecosystem to reach the global market. It’s working with MPN partners to design, sell, and implement packages that include both Office 365 and Insightly. The company has seen early, strong momentum for its Office 365 package, and that momentum is accelerating in anticipation of their public launch, expected this January.

Find ISV support

Insightly isn’t the only ISV that has been utilizing Microsoft’s resources to find success on Office 365. We’ve developed a wealth of marketing resources for ISVs, app and game developers, including marketing materials, assessments, recommendations, and training designed to support all ISVs. And we’ve put it all in one place: Smart Partner Marketing on the Microsoft Partner Network. Whether you develop for consumers, SMBs, or enterprises, this site can help you succeed.
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