With WPC coming up and partner-to-partner engagement always a key topic, I wanted to share some perspective on why it can be very beneficial for partners to team up. The Perficient team partners with many other Microsoft partners, and partnering is key to our continued growth. Each partner relationship brings something unique and different to the table and enhances the solutions that we are able to offer to our clients.


​​​Perficient is one of only seven Microsoft Worldwide NSI Partners, and our largest single vertical business is healthcare. A couple of years ago at WPC the Microsoft Healthcare team suggested that we team up with MEDSEEK. MEDSEEK was developing a SharePoint-based solution at the time and was looking for a partner with strong technical skills on the SharePoint platform that also understood healthcare. As the Microsoft 2010 Health Provider Partner of the Year award winner and the fifteenth largest management health IT consulting firm according to Modern Healthcare Magazine, Perficient fit the bill.
Here’s what Shaun Priest, senior vice president of strategic accounts and business development at MEDSEEK had to say about why the Microsoft partner ecosystem is important to MEDSEEK.

In the video, Shaun and I talk about what it means to be Microsoft partners and the benefits of strategic partnerships. He mentions how Microsoft introduced Perficient and MEDSEEK to each other, leading to a successful partnering opportunity. Perficient now works internally with MEDSEEK, in addition to implementing their newest, SharePoint-based solution, eHealth ecoSystem, with MEDSEEK’s clients. SharePoint 2010’s growing ubiquity made it the ideal platform for eHealth ecoSystem. It’s the fastest-selling server-side technology Microsoft has ever released and is seeing huge adoption across the hospital landscape.

This is one of my WPC partnering success stories – what are yours? How will you make the most of the partner-to-partner business opportunities that WPC connections can facilitate?

See you in Toronto!