My time, like yours, is valuable. I run a number of businesses that conveniently (and naturally) intersect – Gorilla Technology, Cloud Labs and Global Voice Media.

I can’t afford to take too much time out at conferences during the year, so I’m quite picky. And there’s that small matter of hotels and flights to arrange, too.
Coming to Microsoft’s WPC 2012 in Toronto served multiple purposes and it was a great use of my time. Here’s why:
To gain the most from the Microsoft partner perspective I needed to learn new things, be challenged, inspired, and make new connections. Fortunately, all were achieved. As I’ve noticed in the past at vendor events, there is immense value in getting alongside a company’s partners to hear and understand both the positive and negative aspects of their offerings.
Let me turn my focus to Gorilla Technology. Gorilla is a provider of IT services and strategic advice around the use of technology for smaller businesses in the New Zealand market. The key lesson I learnt for Gorilla is the importance in the current (and rapidly changing) market of re-evaluating our services and changes in step with or ahead of the market.
Now looking at Cloud Labs, a start up focused on Office 365 and associated cloud offerings. For this company, my key WPC takeaways were the importance of being early to market and the ability to deliver great outcomes consistently.
When it came to wearing my Global Voice Media hat, I gathered great information at WPC – particularly from the keynotes. International vendor events such as WPC provide the benefit an intensely focused environment. WPC is one the most useful tech events I attend globally due to its size and breadth of the content shared.
If you attended: what do you think was the most valuable take-home knowledge?
And if you missed WPC 2012: what would entice you to get to WPC 2013?
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