Nagnoi is a Gold Certified Partner, based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The company specializes in business intelligence, big data analytics, and process optimization and automation, and Nagnoi has won several Worldwide Partner Conference awards including Worldwide BI Partner of the year, twice Partner of the Year for Puerto Rico, and twice Partner of the Year for Healthcare for Latin America.
We recently spoke with Nagnoi’s Nestor Figueroa, who told us that the company puts a big emphasis on certification. According to Figueroa, approximately 80% of the company’s staff is certified, with the remaining employees in process of certification. Nagnoi uses new staff’s first few weeks of employment to study for certifications.
MPN Training: How do you train your staff for certification exams?
Nestor Figueroa: Before we get certified on products or software, we try to get training on the concept – read a book or go to a training or watch a video. Once we understand the concept, then we go into the actual certification.
Can you give an example of how Microsoft training and certification has helped your business?

NF: Certifications are important to show that we have credible, capable resources. During speaking engagements, when we introduce our speakers, we mention their certifications. It’s part of telling our audience who we are, how much we know, and for them to believe in what we are saying in that session.

When you study for certifications, what resources do you use?
NF: We use a combination of resources. Microsoft publishes virtual labs – we go there first. We do some MPN training. We complement that training with trainings being offered by communities and organizations that also do training on Microsoft products.
Do you train online or in person?
NF: We do a lot online – that is the number one source.
What is your next learning goal?
NF: Our goal is to achieve 100% certification for staff/employees. Also, to get deeper into more advanced certifications. We may also tackle some certifications that are more functional, not only technical. For example, The Data Warehouse Institute provides a certification on business intelligence but it is product agnostic.
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