I have been travelling and training over the past few months.  When I look into the audience of over 50 capable eyes during a 3 day period, I unfortunately see very few women.  The average ratio is 1:25. Why are women not choosing the Sales Profession as the ideal career destination for themselves?

There have been multiple studies written about this.  I just want to state a simple fact.  Companies, of all sizes, are struggling to hire competent sales people and pay them a salary and potentially a very lucrative bonus.  In IT, the demand is even greater and the opportunities seem endless based on job postings.
Just imagine: You have a great sense of curiosity, when you set a goal you meet it and you can orchestrate people and chaos like no one else.  I just described the ideal Sales Rep who knows how to ask intelligent questions about their customer and listen to their answers.  They connect what they are selling to the customer’s need.  They are extremely results oriented, organized and collaborative.
The sales women I have had the good fortune of working with in my career have a few key attributes in common.  They are driven, smart, multi-taskers who are motivated by money and understand they have to work hard to earn it.  In IT it is still predominately occupied by men, and that doesn’t faze these sales women.  They view diversity as a collection of unique styles vs gender.  No woman wants to be hired because she is a woman.  If she is (because a company has a diversity goal), she will prove to the hiring manager that her gender had nothing to do with it once they see her results.
Are you entering the workforce or looking for a change in career? It is time to learn the key success factors for being a great sales person. Update your LinkedIn and go compete for that sales job.  I will share more about how to do that next month.​