As you know there are many amazing benefits that come with being a part of the Microsoft Partner Network. One area we find that our partners could really benefit from, but often aren’t aware of, is the range of technical support we offer. Specifically, the pre-sale and post-sale Advisory Hours that come with attaining a Gold (50 hours) or Silver competency (20 hours) and are also available to partners building a Microsoft practice using our MAPS D&D Subscription (10 hours).
Advisory Hours are designed to help you and your organization as you work with customers either in the definition and design stage of a sales opportunity, working to highlight the value and features of Microsoft technology (including competitive insight as needed), or post-sale, as an easy way to connect with deep technical experts to assist you with deployment of the technology to maximize your customers’ experience.
We find that partners who use these Advisory Hours experience an increased win rate in competitive situations, and are able to increase the quality of complex deployments. Partners who have used their hours have consistently rated their experience as highly satisfying.
Don’t let your Advisory Hours go unused—they do not accrue when you re-enroll. Put them to work for your business. Here’s more information on the types of assistance we provide with Advisory Hours:
  • Access to best practices and feature comparisons to help you overcome customer objections and position Microsoft technologies against the competition.
  • Proof points such as total cost of ownership and return on investment, along with performance and licensing information.
  • Assistance in diagnosing your customers’ current environment and aligning their business requirements so you can match the right Microsoft solution and build impactful proofs of concept to help nimbly showcase your recommendation to customers.
  • Deep technical recommendations, including architectural guidance from our experts to help you build quality M​icrosoft solutions.
  • Information about the benefit​s of different product versions, the number of licenses that may be required, and general cost comparisons.
  • Assistance with troubleshooting proof-of-concept and test environments.
  • You can also apply your Advisory Hours to local, sponsored training workshops and Practice Accelerators. For more specifics on how to start using these benefits, please start here.
We have fine-tuned these benefits based on your feedback and requests to help ensure a great customer experience and to help accelerate your business with Microsoft. I welcome your feedback on these or other benefits any time at As always, thank you for your investment in Microsoft!
Best regards,