Hi partners!


The second full day of WPC has come to a close. Today, I was in awe of the incredible award winners we were able to recognize on-stage and of some of the stories of solutions that really touch the heart – and make a difference! The contribution that each and every partner makes via solutions and innovation is truly awesome. Congratulations again to our partner award winners!
We also had some exciting announcements around new capabilities, programs, and what’s next with Microsoft.  What we’ve heard over the last two days will enable you, our partners, to deliver compelling new solutions and to make a real impact for a better tomorrow.
Wednesday is going to be another action-packed day beginning with breakfast at the Air Canada Centre, which opens at 7:00 a.m. Get there early to grab a great seat for our vision keynote presentation.
Beginning at 9:00 a.m., we’ll hear from Jon Roskill, Kevin Turner, and Deepak Chopra. What a lineup! Join me, as we hear about the Vision of MPN and Competing to Win in the New Era. Then, Deepak Chopra will share his thoughts on Leadership, Courage, and the Future of Wellbeing.  
If you haven’t spent time yet in the Solution Innovation Center (SIC), make sure you visit this incredible space full of ideas, people, and information that you can truly use to help grow your business. While you’re at the SIC – check out these attractions:
  • Microsoft Citizenship’s Local Impact Map – The touch enabled Local Impact Map showcases our Partner Award winners! The Local Impact Map developer is Stimulant, and uses Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Bing Maps, and even Microsoft Tag. www.microsoftlocalimpactmap.com
  • Partner Awards Wall – Take a look at those partners that were featured on the main stage Tuesday morning at the Vision Keynote! They are solution innovators from all over the World!
  • Visit the Pinpoint Profiling Center – learn how to effectively use Pinpoint and the product marketplaces, get hands-on guidance on how to create or enhance a profile and integrate links to profiles in social media and other industry sites.
  • Visit the WW Public Sector and WW Commercial Sector lounges – learn more about the Surface & Kinect partners that are showing their solutions around WW Public Sector and WW Commercial Industries.
  • Don’t miss the Modularis car – located near the WW Public Sector Lounge, it is a partner solution using Windows 8 and Azure. Watch them use the Windows 8 Control Center to activate the car!
  • Kinect/Xbox Gaming area – Relax and unwind with the latest games. 
A few reminders to make your experience as smooth as possible:
  • The WPC Contest is in full swing with partners racing to earn points and out-earn one another! Race to the finish line and complete your session evaluations either via the mobile app or WPC Connect! Remember – When you give us your session feedback we’ll donate $1.00 for each session evaluation and $5.00 for each overall event feedback evaluation to Boys and Girls Club and/or Children’s Miracle Network. More detailed contest information can be found here.
  • Session attendance is at an all-time record high! We’ve noticed that sessions during late afternoon are not as full, so take a moment to plan and check some of the late afternoon sessions out, too. In addition, the John Bassett theatre may be an option if you’re looking to attend a session, as there are a large number of seats available. This theatre is located on Level 100 of the MTCC. There will be limited sessions that are recorded, which will be posted on digitalwpc.com within 48 hours of the session. In addition, most PowerPoint decks will be loaded into WPC Connect.
As your Experience Ambassador, I’ll continue bringing you more highlights and tips for the remainder of the week! Have a great Wednesday at WPC and here’s to amazing business-building and driving to WIN BIG in the marketplace.