Things are moving into the next phase of planning for WPC 2012. The session tracks are taking shape, the keynote is lined up and close to locking, award nominations are closed, and the judging process is starting up.

Last week we hosted our worldwide subsidiary leaders in Redmond. I had the opportunity to connect with them and found overall a very positive outlook about how MPN is resonating and the value of Solution Incentive Programs (SIP) with partners in their respective regions. It’s a thriving partner ecosystem, enabled by a great partnership.

We’re also putting the finishing touches on a new Small Business competency, which we launch in June. Be sure to join MPN Live on April 26 with Jon Roskill hosting this topic.
Every day we move the ball forward in terms of supporting our partners. For those of you that use Gear Up sales toolkit, we also reviewed the plans for our next revisions. We got great input from partners and team, so improvements are coming.
That’s all for this week.