We are thrilled that our acquisition of the Nokia devices and services business has been approved by regulatory authorities and the deal has reached completion. By bringing together Nokia mobile devices with Microsoft software, devices and services, we will have a greater ability to create new experiences that allow people to more easily connect to everything and everyone in their lives. Today is a big day as we take the first, yet important, step in our long-term journey to bring the two companies together.

Greater success in mobile devices will strengthen the opportunities for Microsoft and our partners to be successful in enterprise services, tablets, and PCs. We will continue to work closely with a wide range of hardware partners, providing platforms, tools, applications and services that enable them to make exceptional devices. And we will also continue to build some of our own devices, such as Surface tablets and a wide range of Nokia devices.
For partners already in a reselling relationship with Nokia, there are no immediate changes and it is “business as usual” with your Nokia team. We will be focused on a tight integration of Nokia technologies and transferring employees into the Microsoft fold, and I will be particularly invested in ensuring that our MPN partners have a world-class experience when the time comes to integrate partner programs and integrate Nokia devices into partner opportunities. I’ll give you details as soon as they are available.
This is an exciting day for us at Microsoft, as we start to work toward fully integrating our teams and processes and start working together as one team to deliver new levels of innovation in mobility for businesses and consumers. I look forward to working with you to bring exceptional Nokia devices and services to commercial customers around the world.