I’m struck by how much the Microsoft message resonates with Google partners, regardless of their size or their market. They know they’ll get state-of-the-art solutions, access to Microsoft’s unparalleled partner network, and perhaps most importantly, support. Some partners are switching to Microsoft, others are adding Microsoft to their mix. Either way, the movement is profound—and partners are growing as a result.
I’d like to highlight three partners in particular who are seeing compelling results. Do they know something that you should know? They’re as much as 5,600 miles apart, with an ocean and a continent between them. Their customers speak different languages. Yet their stories are remarkably similar. And they belong to a club you might well want to join.
Each partner is a born-in-the-cloud services provider: Acumor in Los Angeles, Cloud People in Copenhagen, and Interlock IT in Canada. All three started out selling Google cloud services. Now, all three sell Microsoft Office 365—two of them exclusively. Different markets, different customers, different cultures—but all three have found or increased their success with Microsoft Office 365.
These business owners also say that a significant share of their success is spurred by the attention they get from Microsoft. “We have been overwhelmed by all the help we’ve gotten from Microsoft—the resources, daily dialogs with specialists on the product teams, getting us up-to-speed on certifications and how to optimize customer relations,” says Krusholm. “We were really pretty much left alone before.”
Are you pretty much left alone by the company whose cloud services you sell? To learn more about how different things could be, check out Acumor’s story here, Cloud People’s story here, and Interlock IT’s story here.
Each of these three partners has discovered the Microsoft Advantage. Maybe it’s time you did too.

Visit http://aka.ms/microsoft-advantage

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About me:
Before I joined Microsoft, I was a partner, so I understand how important it is for Microsoft to build resources, content, and evidence with input directly from our partner channel. Everything I build is created from feedback and conversations I have with our partners. My goal is to help businesses on their journey to becoming Microsoft partners. This post is the first in a blog series about the Microsoft Advantage, showcasing how partners are using that advantage to their advantage—increasing their profitability and helping their customers succeed.
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